There are many different types of renters. Below, you will find detailed information on different categories of travelers so you can decide which best suits you.


Make Car Rental Express agencies your exclusive provider of cheap car rentals for your convention or special event. Businesses and organizations around the world spend millions of dollars each year in creating and running important business conventions, special events, and large gatherings. Our agencies can offer a great method of transportation for all of your convention participants.


There are great Car Rental Express agencies located in major cities throughout the world.  Most importantly, agencies are located in major cities that are the most popular convention spots.

Special Events Deserve Special Service

Special events take time to plan, careful execution, and a lot of dedication to pull off, so why make driving an added concern? Our agencies will be able to provide you with the types of cars you require in order to accommodate the participants of your event. This will allow your participants to enjoy their time away from the event for such activities as sightseeing, shopping, dining, and more in their cheap car rentals.

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