Anchorage Restaurants
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Anchorage Restaurants

Anchorage Restaurants

Anchorage is home to a variety of posh restaurants and cheap eateries which offer delicious and varied choice in cuisine. The city has plenty of common restaurant chains as well as individual restaurants offering varied flavors to indulge your taste buds. You can have access to cheap transportation if you hire rentals for your daily travel needs here. CRX car rentals from Anchorage gives you access to all classes of vehicles at affordable rates.

Glacier BrewHouse

Drive your cheap Anchorage car rental from CRX to 737 West 5TH for the Alaska BrewHouse. It stocks a fabulous list of food and brews. The restaurant sports an all American menu. Check out their appetizers especially the unique Wood Roasted Prime Rib Quesadilla, Amber Ale-Battered Halibut and calamari cooked with utmost care and flavor. Their wine list includes fine brands from famous wineries in the world.

Nino's Italian Eatery

Drive your Anchorage car rental from CRX to 831 East 36th Avenue to locate Nino's Italian Eatery. The restaurant serves traditional Italian favorites such as pastas, chicken and many seafood dishes at easily affordable rates. With cheap price and excellent food, the place is thronged by both local people and the hungry adventurers strolling Anchorage who step in for delicious servings of fried Calamari appetizers, scampi and Fettucini Alfredo.

Bear Tooth Grill

If you like watching movies while dining, look out for Bear Tooth Grill at 1230 W. 27th Ave. The theatre pub gives you the freedom of watching movies along with dining facilities at the main floor. Their popular dishes include soy grilled halibut and many other grilled delicacies which together with the fine array of beers make the best of Alaskan nightlife. In addition to the beers, they also serve many heady drinks including margaritas.


Indulge your taste buds with the intoxicating aroma of Mediterranean dishes at this popular restaurant, Orso. This restaurant, the Orso is located in downtown at 737 West 5th Ave. The menu includes Mediterranean food, seafood and steaks. Seafood chowder is a much sought after dish in this place. The chic restaurant also boasts of fine lush décor that sets the right cord with diners.

Fu Do Chinese Restaurant

If you love Chinese food, the best place for you to head would be the Fu Do Restaurant which serves a range of Cantonese, Mandarin and Szechuan varieties. The restaurant located at 2600 E Tudor Rd adjacent to Folker St and Laurel St serves trademark Chinese dishes along with slight international delicacies. Its pork varieties like Sweet & Sour Pork have been receiving rave reviews from natives as well as tourists. The restaurant offers different specials on different days of the week. On Wednesdays you can feast on Mongolian beef while Hot Pepper Chicken awaits you on Thursdays. Each day will have its own special dishes to tempt you.

Club Paris

Enjoy French cuisine at Club Paris steakhouse restaurant located at 417 W. 5th Ave. This restaurant has been serving tourists and locals for more than five decades standing the test of time. Winning the best steak award seven years in a row is a rare accomplishment. Try their sumptuous filet mignon or a combination of Cajun mushrooms, halibut fingers and fried zucchini and teriyaki beef.

Hula Hands

The restaurant located at 4630 Mountain View Dr has a Hawaiian cuisine with a special focus on the kalua pig. Other favorites include teriyaki chicken, pulled pork, fried rice which come at an affordable rate making this a really cheap restaurant to dine at.


This traditional Japanese eatery located at 533 W 4th Ave is popular with business travelers who come in here to enjoy a business lunch. The restaurant also serves delicious sushi, but that is only available for dinner. Equally popular is the shabu-shabu dinner where diners get to cook their own meal in a thick hot broth. Other popular dishes include salmon, Teriyaki beef, miso soup, ramen noodles soup etc.

Lucky Wishbone

The restaurant at 1033 E 5th Ave is a great place for family outdoor eating. The calm and quite ambience along with delicious food including fried chicken and their signature milkshakes attract kids and adults alike.