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We are a brand new company to the Boston region. Two ambitious college students started with our first car (2022 Toyota Supra) just to rent it on Turo. Things went out of hand and we have grown to over 30 vehicles to this day structuring an all new company. We are focused on providing the best experience to everyone.Years in business: 2 Real Reviews From Real Renters

Pickup / Dropoff Services

Venture Corp provides pickup / dropoff services. We offer pickup and drop-off services for an additional cost. The cost is $160.

Airport Service

Venture Corp provides airport pickup and dropoff services. We offer Airport delivery service, please reach out to us for further instructions.

We serve the following markets

  • Conventions / Special Events
  • Long Term Renters
  • Students / Young Drivers
  • Travel Agents
  • Airline Employees
  • Military
  • Corporate Clients
  • Tour Groups
  • Local Renters
  • Travellers

We specialize in exotic and luxury markets including sports cars and electric vehicles however we have expanded to economy as well.

Special Services

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 21Our economy and full size SUV market is avaliable to ages 21+ however our exotic car market is available to 23+.

Cash Deposit Rentals

Locations and Local Area

Venture Corp has the following locations:

  • Miami International Airport(Miami, FL)
  • 55 Dartmouth st Malden Ma(Malden, MA)
  • Boston Logan Airport(Boston, MA)
  • 146 75th street Miami Beach FL(Miami Beach, FL)
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport(fort Lauderdale, FL)

We are conveniently located next to the heart of Massachusetts and the finest of boston attractions are available right next to us.

Corporate Address

Venture Corp
4 Deer Path
Maynard, MA 1United States

We rent the following types of vehicles

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Luxury
  • Exotics
  • Specialty
  • Motorcycles