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Peel Car Rentals
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Company Profile


Peel Car Rentals been in a business for over 10 years. Peel Car Rental is a Canadian owned and operated company serving a wide variety of clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. We pride ourselves on being able to exhibit excellent customer service at every turn. We always have new programs and specials regularly to ensure we are keeping up with what our clients need despite changing times.Years in business: 10 Real Reviews From Real Renters

Pickup / Dropoff Services

Peel Car Rentals provides pickup / dropoff services.

Airport Service

Peel Car Rentals provides shuttle service to and from the airport. We are off airport. We provide free pickup and drop off services, also free shuttle service from the hotels.

We serve the following markets

  • Government
  • Military
  • Airline Employees
  • Travel Agents
  • Insurance Replacement Rentals
  • Students / Young Drivers
  • Long Term Renters
  • Special Group Rates
  • Conventions / Special Events
  • Tour Groups
  • Local Renters
  • Travellers
  • Corporate Clients

Special Services

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 23

Cash Deposit Rentals

Locations and Local Area

Peel Car Rentals has the following locations:

  • Mississauga, ON(Mississauga, ON)
  • Derry & Bramalea Location(Mississauga, ON)

Peel Car & Truck Rentals has following location Brampton Mississauga we are only 5 min away from Airport. We provide free shuttle to the Airport and surrounding areas.

Corporate Address

Peel Car Rentals
7050 Bramalea Rd Unit # 7
Mississauga, ON L5S 1T1Canada

We rent the following types of vehicles

  • Specialty
  • Luxury
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Cars
  • Vans