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NU Car Rentals - United States

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NU Car Rentals provides quality service and a large variety of vehicles for travelers in over 26 countries around the world.
Years in business: 10
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Airport Service

NU Car Rentals - United States provides airport pickup and dropoff services.
We have both In-Terminal locations and Off-Airport Shuttle locations.

We serve the following markets

Special Services

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 21

Cash Deposit Rentals

Some locations will rent with a Visa, Mastercard or AX debit card.

Locations and Local Area

NU Car Rentals - United States has the following locations:

  • Orlando Airport - MCO(Orlando, FL)
  • Los Angeles, CA (LAX)(Los Angeles, CA)
  • Las Vegas McCarran Intl AP(Las Vegas, NV)
  • Anchorage Intl Airport(Anchorage, AK)
  • JFK International Airport(Jamaica, NY)
  • San Francisco Intl Airport(Burlingame, CA)
  • San Diego Intl Airport(San Diego, CA)
  • Miami International AIrport(Miami, FL)
  • Phoenix Intl Airport(Phoenix, AZ)
  • Salt Lake City Intl Airport(Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Denver Intl Airport(Denver, CO)
  • Brooklyn(Brooklym, NY)
  • Bronx(Bronx, NY)

Corporate Address

NU Car Rentals - United States
20307 Tierra Bianca
San Antonio, TX
United States

We rent the following types of vehicles

  • Specialty
  • Luxury
  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Cars