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Cheap Rental Cars At Winnipeg Airport

Cheap Car Rentals at Winnipeg International Airport

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Car Rentals at Winnipeg International Airport

Commonly called Winnipeg International Airport, YWG is the only international airport serving the Canadian province of Manitoba. Facilitating the travel needs of airlines from across North America, YWG is a hub for Calm Air, Perimeter Airlines and Kivalliq Air. The airport is a major gateway for the neighboring provinces of Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario, the territory of Nunavut as well as the US states of North Dakota and Minnesota. Ground transportation options are described below.

Car rentals are the chief source of transportation for people who need quick and cheap travel facilities, especially when they are traveling to destinations that are not serviced by public transports. The administration Building at YWG is home to five rental agency outlets. You can also hire cheap rentals from off site locations. Always carry your agency's contact numbers with you, so that you can enquire about their shuttle services, in case you fail to spot one at the airport. Some of the Car Rental agencies operating in Winnipeg, Manitoba are listed below for your convenience:

  • Winnipeg U-Drive Rent-A-Car
  • Discount Car and Truck Rentals Winnipeg
  • Value Rent-A-Car

Ground Transportation: For passengers in search of public transportation, Winnipeg Transit bus services provide cheap transportation options. Major hotels also run shuttle services to the airport for their guests, who are taken directly from the airport arrival terminal to the hotel. Taxis and other limo services as well as cheap rentals are also available for hire from the airport, for your onward journey into the city.

There are interesting things to do at the airport as you await flight announcements. The not uncommon long waits and delays in the airline industry, need not be boring.

There are many dining options at YWG: Restaurants and fast food courts are plentiful at the terminals both pre and post security areas. While the pre security area can be enjoyed with friends and family before a departure, the post security space is exclusive for passengers. Harvey's serving Swiss Chalet, Express deli, Second Cup and Tim Hortons at the pre security area and State Side Deli, Tim Hortons and Toast Café & Bar at the post security area, are fine places to grab a bite before you begin your journey.

Shopping: The airport terminals are lined with some popular shops including the Bothwell Cheese Store, which is a good place to pick up good quality cheese, Virgin books & music, Showcase Manitoba, The UPS Store and Canadian Scene and Relay and Front Page Sports.

Chapel: For the spiritually inclined, who would like to spend some quiet time in prayer, the airport also houses a chapel.

Children's play area: Family travelers can take advantage of the children's play area that will help restless kids spend some energetic and entertaining time as they wait impatiently to board their flight.