Car Rentals in Nevada
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Car Rentals in Nevada

With Las Vegas and Carson City, Nevada is the gaming hub of the Wild West. Great accommodation in classy and cheap hotels is available to the different classes of visitors that visit the state all through the year. You can also easily access cheap rental car facilities in Nevada to make your stay as comfortable and economical as possible if you plan to visit the casino houses. Nevada, also known as the Silver State is filled with many exciting and diverse options to indulge in.


Las Vegas of Nevada in the most popular destination on Earth for its nightlife and casinos. Drive your car rentals for a night out at the casinos as a visit to Nevada would be incomplete without an evening in these gaming houses. Nothing beats the thrill of cash bells ringing at the slot machines, even if the winnings are not large enough. A dazzling array of casinos, entertainment, arts and outdoor activities continue to allure visitors all through the year in this glittering city.

Tourist attractions

Take a trip in your car rentals to Lake Tahoe. The lake is popular as America’s Adventure Place and is famous for its scenic beauty. You also have picturesque destinations like Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park and Pyramid Lake. The towns of Tonopah and Virginia City, popular for its mines are other popular tourist haunts. Make sure you also stop at Hoover Dam which is the most amazing manmade structure in the United States. It is also among the busiest national parks and aquatic recreation spots. The Fountains of Bellagio are located on the walkway overlooking the beautiful Bellagio Lake and a fantastic hotel and casino bearing the same name. These fountains rise from still water and dance according to music played to them and is a delight to adults and kids alike.

Museum & Art Houses

The Lost City Museum brings the ancient and mysterious Anasazi civilization to life. It has an impressive collection of pottery, tools, maize-grinding implements, jewelry, and arrowheads that will remind you of a glorious past. The Gallery of Fine Art houses some of the world’s finest contemporary art. It also has a nice collection of modern art. The center’s most famous displays include works of eminent artists such as Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, and Claude Monet. The Atomic Testing Museum will take you through the history of nuclear experimentation in Nevada. If you are taking children with you, make sure you visit the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum. It offers many hands on activities and curiosity piquing exhibits for children of all ages.

Outdoor activities

If you are a little adventurous, why not try your hand in land-yachting at one of Nevada’s best land-yachting facilities? For the more adventurous, Nevada also offers facilities for rock climbing at Red Rock Canyon, Indy Style Auto Racing and Extreme ATV Four Wheeler Events to keep your adrenaline levels high. Further there is a skydiving facility that will let you see all the major tourist spots with added exhilaration of the 13,000 feet fall. Trails and terrains of all levels of biking proficiency can be found in Nevada that will attract the interest of mountain bikers who wish to visit the state.

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