Car Rentals in California
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Car Rentals in California

Are you in need of a vacation?  Is it time to get away?  Well, what better place to visit than California?  With its Mediterranean climate of cool, rainy winters and hot and dry summers, this American state is the perfect place for a getaway.  

Beaches and Surfing: Because it is located along the Pacific coast, California is a surfer's haven.  Rent a cheap car and travel along Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.  Here you will have a plethora of surf beaches from which to choose.  If you are visiting California during the winter months then a great place to catch some waves is Santa Ana.  The Pacific swells are simply enormous here and the surf is like pure glass.  There are miles of beaches between Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach, and the top surfing spots are Rincon, Malibu and Steamer Lane.

State Parks: There are tons of State Parks in California so rent a cheap car, purchase a map and be on your way!  Angel Island, Border Field, Butano and Clear Lake are just a few of the outstanding parks located in California.  Visiting Calaveras Big Trees State Park is a must.  Calaveras officially became a state park in 1931 with the purpose of preserving the North Grove of massive sequoias.  It has since become a popular tourist destination.

Family Activities: With its zoos and wildlife attractions, California is a perfect place to rent a minivan and take a family vacation.  Drive your cheap rental to the world-famous SeaWorld San Diego to see the story of Shamu and catch a show of Cirque de la Mer.  SeaWorld has both beluga and dolphin interaction programs which are sure to please children of all ages.

Of course, no trip would be complete without driving your car rental to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park.  The zoo is split up into sections that feature the Polar Rim, Elephant Odyssey, Urban Jungle and Asian Passage.  The Safari Park offers caravan tours, flight line tours and even off-road tours on Segway X2's.

Culture and Arts: California is known for the creative minds it fosters.  There are numerous Art Galleries, Cultural Venues and Museums to which you can drive your car rental.  The Dezart One Gallery in Palm Springs hosts film screenings, art exhibitions and play and poetry readings.  Sacramento is famous for its well-known galleries that showcase everything from bronze sculpture to native jewelry.  If you are into music, then drive your car rental to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA and hear the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform.  Finally, if you are a comic book buff, then you must travel to the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.  This is where the famous 'Peanuts' cartoonist worked for over 30 years.