Car Rentals in Arizona
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Car Rentals in Arizona

Arizona one of the four corners state bordering Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and California has a desert landscape with hot summers and mild winters. A holiday at Arizona will prove to be an exotic and an altogether different experience. Cheap accommodation is available in plenty just as is luxurious suites at five star hotels. Make sure you hire cheap car rentals for the duration of your stay here, which will help you explore this state at your leisure and convenience. The tourist spots can be mainly categorized into natural formations, adventure destinations and historic monuments. All these destinations include cheap rental car facilities and hotels to make your stay comfortable.

Natural Attractions

Fantastic natural attractions exist in Arizona which will take your breath away. The most famous of them is the Grand Canyon with its enormous size and hiking trails that offer an excellent adventure. The location is more picturesque during the winters when it snows. The Petrified Forest is another beautiful attraction featuring extremely beautiful and bright colored stone log fragments scattered over a rather remote section of the Arizona desert. You should also include a visit to the Painted Desert while in Arizona. The afternoon sun produces an unusual lighting over this desert giving you a unique view of the landscape.

Architectural and Historic Monuments

If you are a fan of architecture, you shouldn’t miss the Montezuma Castle which is one of the oldest and well preserved cliff dwellings in the Southwest. Nestled in the cliffs near Camp Verde, the castle is an ingenious work of architecture dating back to 700AD. Drive your car rentals to another historical monument - the Canyon de Chelly National Monument located on the Navajo Indian Reservation which houses many ancient Indian ruins.

The Arizona Historical Society Museum is home to many artifacts and exhibits from Yuma's territorial days. Take time also to pay a visit to the Organ Pipe National Monument located east of Yuma. This is the largest spot north of the border where you can see the organ pipe cacti. The Yuma Territorial Prison built by the prisoners between 1876 and 1909, is another remarkable work of architecture. The prison is a popular tourist haunt ever since it ceased housing prisoners.

Adventure Destinations

Drive your rentals to Flagstaff which is famous for its snow during winters and is one of the best winter destinations for some skiing and snowboarding adventures. In summer, the Slide Rock State Park is the best place for adventure sports with its beautiful red rocks and natural water slides. The lakes offer you boat tours, rafting adventures and fishing tournaments.

Other attractions

Apart from the main destinations in Arizona, there are a few places which are unique in their own respect. Walk in the footsteps of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and enjoy a wide array of live shows, thrilling stunts and dramas at the Old Arizona Studio. Stroll around the meticulously manicured gardens of the Mesa Arizona Temple and admire the beauty of its unique cactus garden. You can also visit the Phoenix Zoo to see the rich flora and fauna of Arizona at a single spot. If you are a fan of race car events, do not miss the Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale where annual race car events are held by NASCAR.