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Car Rentals in Alaska

Alaska the northernmost state of United States has many attractions that make it stand out in the continent. With chilly winters and cool summers the climate offers a break from the hot and sultry, summer month. Alaska is popular for its beautiful scenic locations and an entirely unique holiday experience. With cheap car rentals to take you around, a holiday in Alaska will be a time to cherish all through your life.


Alaska offers plenty entertainment and recreation options such as scuba diving, rock climbing, skiing, camping, amusement parks, boating and paragliding that ensure a fun filled package for the entire family. With go kart tracks, fishing and hot air balloons, family fun activities are an option available in plenty to holidaymakers here.

National parks

The Big Game Alaska center for wildlife at Portage Glacier is a fabulous family entertainment and vacation spot where you can watch bears, deer and bison along with many rare species of birds and flora. Cheap rental cars are the best options for a tourist on a holiday. Drive 57 miles from Fairbanks town in your car rental to reach the Chena River State Recreation Area. Chena Hot Springs National Park is another popular tourist attraction. The park has resorts near exotic natural springs located in beautiful habitats that provide various recreational activities.

Whale watching

Take a car rental and head for the shores in the coastline for a whale watching adventure. Depending upon the climate you are visiting you will be able to spot a variety of whales. Watching the gentle giants move across the waters is a delightful moment for adults and kids alike. The month of April is the best time to view these giants as they migrate to the Bering Sea. You can spot them from Ketchikan, Kitka, Kodiak or Seward.

Historic Mines and Villages

Alaska, famed as a gold pot for the West offers a tour of the El Dorado Gold Mines which will prove to be a great experience to holiday makers. Drive you rental to Fairbanks, where the mines are located. Small trains take you along the various small huts and other structures set up for the miner’s needs. The mine is also located close to Pioneer Park which is the best place to sum up a day.


The University of Alaska Museum of the North which is also in Fairbanks exhibits a good array of art, paintings and nature. There are glimpses of art from the yesteryear in the form of ivory works and other artifacts as well as contemporary paintings. You can see a mummified thirty thousand year old steppe bison along with a brown bear.

The Alaska Trooper Museum in Anchorage has exhibits explaining the evolution and milestone events in the history of Alaskan Troopers. Another must visit museum in the state of Alaska is the Baranov Museum in Kodiak Island. The museum with unique pieces of artifact like the Alutiq baidarka of nineteenth century and the remains from the Erskine House divides the island into pre and post periods from the Russian migration in 1700.

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