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Save 15-30% on Salt Lake City Rental Cars

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Rugged Rental

Years in business: 25

2575 ratings | 2284 Reviews
The company was founded in 1993 to take care of customers here in the mountains of Utah who need large, 4-wheel drive heavy duty vehicles. We began with only pickup trucks, later adding sport utili...
Minimum Age 21
Rents for cash NO
Airport Service Airport Shuttle
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff YES

Address: 2740 California Ave, Salt Lake City,UT,84104, United States

Vehicles: Specialty, Trucks, Luxury, SUVs, Vans, Cars

Affordable Rent-A-Car

Years in business: 20

1122 ratings | 974 Reviews
Affordable Rent-A-Car is a local family owned business.
Minimum Age 21
Rents for cash NO
Airport Service Airport pickup
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff YES

Address: 1974 W North Temple, Salt Lake City,UT,84116, United States

Vehicles: SUVs, Vans, Cars, Trucks


Years in business: N/A

0 ratings
Minimum Age N/A
Rents for cash N/A
Airport Service N/A
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff N/A

Address: , Salt Lake City,UT, United States

Vehicles: N/A

Car Rentals in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is located at the foot of Utah's Wasatch Mountains. The city offers beauty, history, and culture combined with the amenities of being in the big city. A total of 181,743 people reside in the Salt Lake City (SLC) area, offering small town charm to its pleasures. Summers in SLC are hot, but with low humidity levels they are still pleasant. Summer temperatures reach an average temperature of 90 degrees. Snow is common in the winter, as two mountains surround the city. Daytime highs in the city will average just above freezing - at 36 degrees. The Salt Lake City International Airport serves the city with a convenient location 10 minutes from downtown, and is within a 2.5-hour flight of half of the nation's population.

Other transportation methods available for guests of the city include taxicabs, rental cars, and public transportation by bus and rail.

Visiting Salt Lake City

No visit to Salt Lake City is complete without taking in all of the fun activities you can during your stay. Whether you're looking for shopping, nightlife, or family fun attractions. You can get it all in Salt Lake City!

Retro Rose

Head to the Retro Rose for something from the past! The unique stores offer 1950's, 60's, and 70's goods such as pottery, lamps, pottery, glassware, and more, all reasonably priced. The store is filled with eye-catching goods. Looking is almost as fun as buying, and it is worth a visit inside.

Retro Rose
207 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT


When you're ready to get the fun started, a visit to Lumpy's is in order. Close to downtown Salt Lake City, Lumpy's offers great food, great friends, and great fun until the late night rolls in. Large screen televisions offer sports for fans to watch. There are also pool tables and some of the best bar food in the city. Live bands make regular performances at Lumpy's, and there's always a great game of poker going on. This is some of the best nightlife the city offers.

3000 Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, UT

Fort Douglas Military Museum

Located a short drive from Salt Lake City, the museum offers amazing displays and exhibits of military memorabilia as well as a cannon and tank parked outdoors. There is also a gift shop available, and educational programs and tours. This museum is one that the whole family will enjoy.

Fort Douglas Military Museum
32 Potter Street
Fort Douglas, UT