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Richmond - South East

Address: 8410 West Broad Street, Richmond,Virgi,23294, United States

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Car Rentals in Richmond

Step back in time with a visit to historic Richmond, Virginia. The area was founded in 1776 and served as a battleground for the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Much of the city still reflects this rich history, while still offering plenty of other options for visitors.

If you're visiting this area you should think about renting a car from (CRX).

Richmond is the capital of the state, located in the southeast corner of Virginia. Approximately 204,000 people call the city home. Weather in Richmond offers hot and humid summers and cool, mild winters. During the winter temperatures can drop into the 20s at night, with average high during the day of 40 degrees. Summer times temperatures average 90 degrees, with the hottest month being July. Winter or summer, there are lots of things to do in the city, and renting a car can help you make your way to all of the fun!

While you are in Richmond be sure to check out as many attractions as possible. There's so much you will want to see and do, so plan an extra day if you can! Whether you are traveling alone or with family or friends, there's plenty waiting for you.

The Museum and White House of the Confederacy is located in the downtown area of Richmond, a mansion built in 1818. President Jefferson Thomas resided in the home, where many of his belongings remain today. Daily tours are available, and this is definitely a great way to spend the day enjoying the history of the state.

Another great museum you will enjoy is the Richmond Children's Museum. Open daily except Monday, this museum is designed for the little ones with interactive exhibits that are fun and a chance to learn more about science.

The Black History Museum is also a great Richmond addition. Inside of the museum you can learn about the history of black Americans through amazing exhibits and displays, as well as educational programs and tours.

A visit to Monument Avenue you'll sure to want to include in your plans. This is the only street in the country designated as "historic." Along the avenue you will be treated to many monuments including those of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee.