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Car Rental Selection Tips

Understanding Rental Car Size Categories


The extra room needed for those special long distance family outings.


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Rental Inspections & Dealing with Conflict

In order to avoid being charged for damages to your cheap rental vehicle that you did not incur, be sure to inspect the vehicle for such things as dents, scratches, and broken features. There should be an inspection form left on the dashboard to write down any damages that you discover. If you do not find one, ask for one.

Here are some of the main items to check:

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Additional Drivers & Car Rental Booking Concerns

Additional Drivers
You, the renter with the credit card and valid driver's license in your name, can drive the rental car. However, if you want there to be an additional driver, you will have to get written authorization from the rental company.  It is best to check the rental company's policy regarding additional drivers.

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Why Rent with the Independents?

Independent Car Rental companies are much more flexible than large corporate, international chains when it comes to renting a cheap rental car. Independent business people who have a vested interest in making your rental happen make the rules in-house.

There are so many rules in the car rental industry. With the big companies, a committee sets the rules. Staff at the service counter who have no real input in the operational policies and are much less flexible then enforce these rules.

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