Additional Drivers &
Car Rental Booking Concerns
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Additional Drivers & Car Rental Booking Concerns

Additional Drivers
You, the renter with the credit card and valid driver's license in your name, can drive the rental car. However, if you want there to be an additional driver, you will have to get written authorization from the rental company.  It is best to check the rental company's policy regarding additional drivers.

There is normally an extra fee for the additional driver, and an additional charge if the second driver does not meet the minimum age requirement. Check with the car rental company first before you decide if you need anyone else driving the rental car. That being said, some car rental companies state in their contracts that your spouse or partner can drive the rental car without incurring an extra charge.

What Type of Vehicle do you Need?
Before booking your reservation online for a cheap rental car, be sure to know what type of car will best suit your rental needs. Note that making a reservation online will most likely confirm the vehicle type you want, but it will not necessarily mean you will get the exact model you were hoping for.  This you will only know for sure once you are at the pickup counter. Rental companies will do their utmost to make your first vehicle choice available to you, however this all depends on their current availability.

Below are some points to consider before choosing a rental vehicle:

  • How many passengers will be traveling with you?
  • How much luggage will you all have? What extra equipment are you bringing?
  • What are you using the rental vehicle for? Are you planning any day trips, or are you planning to do mostly city driving?
  • How much do you plan to buy during your trip? Most tourists tend to lack the foresight to think about those "extra" purchases.

Common vehicle-size descriptions are economy, compact, mid-size, full-size, premium, luxury, SUV, minivan and van.

Do You Have any Additional Rental Needs?
Most rental companies offer additional rental add-ons if they are requested. Some of these may include: car seats, booster seats, equipment racks, additional luggage racks, cell phone packages, and/or smoke-free cars.  Just be sure to request these at the time of reservation for your cheap rental car or make an online inquiry to the rental company to check for availability.

(Note that most states and provinces have laws that enforce the use of child car seats for children under a certain age and weight.)

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