Car rental Safety
and Insurance
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Car rental Safety and Insurance

Should I Get Rental Car Insurance When I Rent a Car?

Renting a car when on vacation is usually a necessity, especially when in any large metropolitan area that may not have extensive and easy mass transportation. But even renting a car for a day trip or a driving to an overnight stay has some of the same questions as when you've flown in and are standing at the rental counter. One of the those questions is whether you should get rental insurance when you're renting the car.

Rental Car SAFETY Tips

Here are some safety tips when travelling abroad with a cheap rental car:

  • Always be wary of pulling over, especially if it is dark or if you are unfamiliar with the territory.
  • Never exit your cheap rental car until you are sure that the situation is safe.
  • Keep all your luggage locked in the trunk.
  • Do not draw attention to the fact that you are a visitor.
  • Stay on the main roads and stick to your planned route.

Accident Tips

You were to get a cheap rental car and are enjoying your trip. Suddenly, the unexpected happens.

If you are involved in an accident while driving your rental vehicle, it is imperative that you collect the following information from the other parties. These include: full name, mailing address, telephone number, insurance details and driver's license number. Also try to get the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Make a note of the other vehicle's make, color, and brand, and most important, the car's license number and jurisdiction.

Car Rental Insurance

Below is a list of varying types of insurance options that will likely be offered through the rental company when renting a cheap rental car.