Accident Tips

You were to get a cheap rental car and are enjoying your trip. Suddenly, the unexpected happens.

If you are involved in an accident while driving your rental vehicle, it is imperative that you collect the following information from the other parties. These include: full name, mailing address, telephone number, insurance details and driver's license number. Also try to get the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Make a note of the other vehicle's make, color, and brand, and most important, the car's license number and jurisdiction.

Try to pinpoint the exact time and location of the accident. If the police get involved, ensure that you receive a copy of their report. Do not forget to advise your insurance agent immediately and notify the car rental company; they will let you know about their accident procedure. If you purchased insurance through the car rental company, they will have to make the claim. If you are still able to drive the rental car and you choose to continue driving it, make sure that you allow a good block of time for returning the car and filling out the required paper work.