Traveling Safely in
South America: Some
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Traveling Safely in South America: Some Handy Tips

South America is a beautiful, diverse continent, full of culture, gorgeous scenery and delicious cuisine. It’s no wonder why you want to spend your vacation there. Unfortunately, some travelers return with horror stories instead of a camera full of happy memories. Learning the risks of traveling abroad will help you prepare for the unexpected, leaving you more time to enjoy your time away.

Theft and issues with transportation are two of the most common problems that plague travelers to South America. In order to remain safe, follow these top tips:

• Keep your belongings close and never leave them unattended.
• Always keep one strap of your backpack or bag looped around your arm or leg.
• Carry important documents and cash in your front pocket.
• Only keep a small amount of cash on you.

According to USA Today, Budget Buses are one of the main concerns for travelers to South America. These buses are typically missing safety features and often break down. Even taxis can be a safety hazard for travelers unfamiliar with area cabs. While you can pay close attention to which buses and cabs you take, an even better solution is to seek out cheap car rentals and take your transportation into your own hands.

How can you ward off some of the problems many travelers face? Knowledge and preparation! Knowing what you’re up against and preparing ahead of time can prevent major issues. Are you nervous about taking a ride on a low-cost bus during your vacation? Search online for car rental coupons and make sure that you have your own ride everywhere you go.

Sometimes, relying on yourself is the best defense against potential problems. Instead of depending on public transportation, which could leave you hanging around without a ride for quite some time, consider car rental deals when traveling in South America.

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