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Snakes, Beer and Car Rentals - Probably not a Good Mix

So what's the strangest thing you have found in your cheap car rentals?  Seriously, think about it and if you have never found a good car rental deal and rented a vehicle, what's the oddest thing you can think of  finding?  I remember picking up a minivan in Florida, loading the kids in their car seats only to have one of my daughters call out to me from the backseat, "Mom, what's this?".  In her hand she held an empty beer bottle.  I got out of my seat, opened the sliding door to find that the car was littered with beer bottles and caps.  You'd think that 1. people probably shouldn't be drinking beer in a rental car, or ANY car for that matter and that 2. the agency would have had the decency to clean the vehicle out before my family picked it up.  Just sayin'...

OK - I know that beer bottles aren't that strange.  Let's face it, us North Americans like our beer.  So let's brainstorm.... what's the weirdest thing you've ever found in a rental car?  Give up?  Well... how about a snake?  The Edomonton Journal wrote a piece about a family who went to pick up their SUV to discover that lo and behold there was a 1.2 meter long snake in the back seat!  I haven't spent a ton of time in Edmonton but from what I understand it's not as though there are snakes wandering the streets and casually getting in and out of cars at their leisure.   Perhaps this is commonplace in South American countries, Cambodia or parts of China... but Edmonton?  Seriously?

The story has a happy ending - thank goodness the snake wasn't poisonous and was discovered at the rental lot and before the family started cruising at 120 km down the highway.  Can you imagine traveling at that speed to have your 7 year old kid scream in the backseat, "Mom, Dad, there's a snake back here!" - that probably wouldn't end too well.

So, moral of the story - always check your cheap car rentals for beer bottles, snakes or any other alcoholic beverage or slithery creature before hitting the road.  You don't want to be surprised mid-trip.

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