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Rent A Car in Costa Rica

You’ve landed in Costa Rica and after waiting for a while, hopped in a cab to take you to your hotel. Four hours later, you finally arrive. After unpacking and grabbing a bite to eat, it’s time to do some sightseeing before the sun goes down. You head to the front desk and ask them to call a cab for you. Half an hour later, you’re on the road to the rainforest.

Wait a second. That’s a lot of waiting for rides - and this is just the beginning of your trip. While there are tons of places you can spend your vacation without renting a car, Costa Rica is not one of those places. In the end, the price you’ll spend on cab rides will be much more than what you’d spend on renting a car for a week. Plus, the benefits don’t stop there. Imagine how easy your vacation will be when you can be on your own time schedule and come and go as you please. Don’t find out the hard way - plan on renting a car before you even land at your destination.

If you’ve never been to Costa Rica, you’re in for a real treat. While you may think that you can coordinate cab rides ahead of time, this just isn’t the case. When you wake up earlier than you expect, you may want to grab breakfast in town before heading to your whale watching expedition. If you wander through the primary rainforest for longer than you expect because you’re getting views of so much wildlife, the cab you booked may be waiting for you. By renting a car and using your car rental coupons, you can do what you want, when you want without worrying about anyone else’s schedule or added, unexpected expenses. Plus, you can pack it with everything you’ll need for a day-long excursion without having to carry it all or leave it behind in your hotel room.

Preparing before you leave for your trip is worth more than just making it easy on yourself once you get to Costa Rica. By finding car rental coupons or cheap car rentals before you leave, you can make sure you don’t spend more than planned. During the vacation planning process, make sure to find good car rental deals. Also, make sure to visit my blog to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings at our company. We offer car rental discounts and the cheapest car rentals in Costa Rica.

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