Recent Devastation in
the Phillipines
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Recent Devastation in the Phillipines

The typhoon that just hit the Philippines is being called “the perfect storm” due to its size, symmetry and tightness of the eye. Typhoon Hayian hit land in the Samar and Leyte provinces, ready to do extensive damage. The sustained winds blew at 160 miles per hour and the storm surge was 16 feet. The surge is what caused most of the damage (although the winds certainly didn’t help), first sweeping away Tacloban, a port city. As of mid-November, the death toll was 2,300, expecting to continue climbing as more areas are cleared out. The death toll includes people who were drowned, smacked by debris or caught underneath the rubble. Ultimately, the typhoon damaged six islands, affecting approximately 11 million Filipinos, many of whom were either displaced or left homeless. While cheap car rentals and major car rental discounts can help some people find shelter, aid following the disaster is still a major problem in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, the victims of the typhoon haven’t received nearly enough assistance as of yet. At this point, just about anything would help, including the cheapest car rentals available to help them become mobile. City and provincial governments aren’t able to do much, as they themselves have been greatly affected. Many people still don’t have access to the food, clean water, medical treatment or shelter that they so desperately need. Poor sanitation and a lack of clean water now carry the biggest health threats. According to the local government, it looks as though there will be a growing amount of help moving forward as more American military operations respond and outside help comes to provide aid.

Disasters like these are common to this area of the world. The Philippines has the highest rate of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the entire world. Landslides are also a common problem in the area, causing people to move to the coast. Global warming is also increasing the possibility of damaging tropical storms. Responding to the disaster isn’t the only thing to do - preparations have to be made for a possible future disaster, too. Car rental coupons can help people visiting the area who need to get around in order to provide aid. Economic growth will also help prevent such widespread disasters - as the economy grows, people won't be forced to live in areas that are so susceptible to storms.

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