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A Cheap Mini Van Rental Could Save your Sanity

OK, I need help.  I am sitting here trying to write this blog and I have kids coming up to  my desk every 5 minutes.  They are complaining, "Mom, I am so bored... I want to watch TV, I, I, I..."  ARGH is all I have to say!

Summers are hard for parents - I don't mean to complain but it is very difficult trying to keep your kids entertained for two months without losing your sanity, let alone breaking the bank.  Sure, I could put them in rock climbing camp, sailing lessons down at the beach and/or sleep over camp.  But that all costs money - and a lot of it.  So I have them here with a baby sitter who is trying her best to keep them entertained.  But that doesn't seem to be cutting it.

So, what to do?  The good news is that I can work from anywhere.  A big perk of my job is that we are a virtual company and hence I can write these blogs from anywhere.  Ideally, we'd rent a nice cheap minivan and travel to various vacation spots.  I could hook up my laptop, connect to wifi and be on my merry way.  Or alternatively, I could find an agency that rents vans to college drivers so that my sitter can take the kids out on day trip adventures.  They could visit one of the many gorgeous parks in and around the Vancouver, BC area, head down to the beach or go trekking up the mountains at Whistler.

There are also the girls' grandparents - thank goodness for grandparents!  They don't own a large enough vehicle to seat all 3 of my children but I am sure they could find a cheap van rental and pack the kids up for a few days.  Maybe even head across the border to Seattle for a few fun nights in the city or spend some time in Belligham shopping. 

Alright, I am already starting to feel better.  It's nice to have some ideas in place - thanks for listening to me brainstorm.  If you have any other suggestions, I am always up for new ideas!



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