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Compare CRX to CarRentals.comThere are dozens of car rental comparison sites currently on the web. The question is, how do you know which one offers the best service? They all promise to provide you with the best prices on the web, but what about the other "stuff?"

The following is a detailed look at how measures up to, the largest online comparison tool for national car rental chains.

Website Usability
When you first hit the website, you might feel a little underwhelmed. The user interface has very little to offer, other than a search box and listing of participating partner car rental agencies. Additional information on the company, customer testimonials, or partners is difficult to locate.
The homepage doesn't only look better, it also provides quick and immediate access to a handful of useful features. Like, allows you to search for rental rates directly from the homepage, but our sophisticated interface lets you select your vehicle preference right off the top. And that's just the beginning! The homepage also includes an agency comparison search option. Because you want more than a great car rental, you want to know who you're renting that vehicle from! Our homepage also connects you to our Renter Rated system, where you can review third party testimonials from travelers just like yourself. Our user-friendly design makes it easier to book with confidence, thanks to real feedback, and accessible information.

Search Results offers a pretty comprehensive listing of available rentals on their website. Like other comparison tools, breaks out a number of rental factors on their results page, including price, available seating, mileage requirements, and air conditioning availability. At this point, you're able to refine your search to specify the car type or search by a list of preferred vendors. But when all is said and done, the information on this page is essentially all that is made available to you prior to renting your vehicle.
The search results are displayed in an easy to read manner and include the same rental basics as price, mileage, vehicle type, etc. But there are two big differences – also displays Renter Rated reviews right on the search results page. This includes the number of reviews the company has received as well as a ranking out of five stars. Customers can investigate these reviews further simply by clicking on a link. Each search result also includes a link to the rental company's profile, which features detailed information on policies, age requirements, contact information, and more.

Checkout Process
When you select a vehicle from things begin to get a little hazy. The checkout page informs you that there is no payment necessary to reserve your vehicle, that the rental company will only charge you when you return the vehicle. You simply submit your rental reservation information and will provide you with confirmation via email. Based on this un-transaction, you're left believing that your rental is reserved. But, a quick Google search for customer reviews of provides a very different picture.
The reservation checkout page on contains a wealth of information pertaining not just to your rental, but also to your chosen rental company. Any additional fees are broken out in the sidebar area, along with vehicle details and your rental itinerary. All rates are listed in USD, but can be converted to the currency of your choice using CRX's built in currency converted (powered by Yahoo). Customers can further review rental policies and insurance information prior to submitting their reservation. There's even a discount option where you can check for any additional savings available at the time. What's more, you're only required to submit your credit card information if the rental company that you're booking with requires an advance deposit.

You shouldn't have to hunt for important information when searching for a car rental online. The best car rental comparison websites provide you with this information right up front. At, we go one further, providing our customers with unbiased reviews directly from our renters. You deserve to know who you're renting from, and it's our responsibility to make sure you have enough information to make an educated purchasing decision.

Why rely on a shading comparison website when you can use and book with confidence? Try oursite today to experience the difference honesty can make.

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