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Burn off Steam Before Getting on Your Next Flight

If you're anything like me, sitting on a plane for anything more than 3 hours is agonizing.  I admit it - I need to move.  And I don't just mean by stretching my legs or raising my arms like those silly plane 'exercise' videos demonstrate (how these videos can even be called exercise is beyond me).  Their measly suggestions can barely be called movement, let alone exercise.  More than anything, these short clips make me depressed because they remind me that I have been sitting on my butt for the past 10+ hours doing NOTHING. 

I have always thought the best thing to do in between layovers at airports would be to exercise... like REALLY exercise so as to blow off steam and get my blood circulating before boarding a plane for the next leg of a journey.  Exercise will make me feel better for having to sit for so long, work up an appetite and more than anything will tucker me out so that by some miracle I'll be able to fall asleep.  It's not rocket science.

I was so excited to read in the New York Times that this idea is actually taking root.  In the travel section of the paper there is a video entitled, Business Day Live Travel Fitness which details efforts some airports and hotels are making to feed the traveling exercise demand.  For example, the video mentions that Dallas Fortworth offers a walking path and yoga studio to travelers. In addition to this, many (airport) hotels now offer the use of their gyms and workout classes as well as the option to rent workout clothes and sneakers for a small fee.  How awesome is that?

Before landing at my next destination and looking for the cheapest car rentals, I am, without a doubt going to take advantage of these new exercise options at airports.  How about you?

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