6 Strange Driving
Laws from Around
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6 Strange Driving Laws from Around the World

When you’re in an unfamiliar area, it can be tricky enough to drive on the opposite side of the street and convert kilometers to MPH. Factor in odd laws and it’s enough to make any person want to stay home. Here are a few strange driving rules to follow when you’re in brand new territory.

P.S. A good rule of thumb is to always look up the laws before embarking on your trip. 

1. Drinking and driving is okay in Costa Rica. Not that it’s recommended by anybody with a head on their shoulders, but sipping a beer - without getting drunk - is fine even while you’re behind the wheel. Your blood-alcohol level can’t be more than .05, though, or else you’re in big trouble. Frankly, it’s smarter to stick with water no matter where you’re driving in the world! A better way to enjoy your trip is to save some money thanks to great car rental discounts. 

2. The opposite of Costa Rica’s strange drinking and driving law is Cyprus’ don’t-eat-or-drink-anything law. Even taking a swig of water is illegal! Balancing a drive-through burger and fries while you steer with your knees will get you a hefty fine. What’s the point of seeking out cheap car rentals when you’re just going to pay extra in tickets? 

3. The charge isn’t high, but to a traveler, even a measly $60 is a lot to unexpectedly pay. That’s approximately what a dirty car will cost you in Russia, where it’s “illegal” to drive anything that’s not sparkly and clean. It’s a good thing you had those car rental coupons, since you’ll be paying a bundle in car washes!

4. The Autobahn in Germany is best-known for it’s travelers who have a need for speed. Make sure to fill up your gas tank ahead of time, though. Pulling over to the side of the road is illegal.

5. If you wear prescription glasses, make sure to have a spare set handy when driving in Spain. Any driver who wear vision-correcting glasses has to keep an extra set in their car at all times.

6. When in Sweden, it’s a legal requirement to keep your headlights blaring around-the-clock. This is especially weird during June, when the sun doesn’t even set in certain parts of the country!

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