Orlando International Airport
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Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the closest airport to Orlando, Florida with all its world-class attractions. It's Florida's second largest airport and is located just 6 miles south of Orlando's main business district and approximately 22 miles from Disney World. Just take one of the cheap MCO car rentals to get there.

The land that Orlando International Airport currently occupies started out as an air force base that was built during World War Two as an auxiliary airfield for the Orlando Army Air Base. It was named McCoy Air Force Base after Colonel Michael McCoy passed away in 1958. In 1976 the airport was given its current name but retained its old airport code, MCO.

The modern Orlando International Airport (MCO) has a "hub and spoke" layout. It consists of a large main terminal building and four concourses facing the runways. The main terminal is split into two sides, terminals, A and B. Each terminal connects to two concourses, called "Airsides". Terminal A has Airside 1 and 2 and terminal B has Airside 3 and 4. Read our "MCO Rental and Transportation" page to get an overview of great cheap MCO car rental deals nearby.

To avoid a hassle make sure you know which Terminal your airline operates from, regardless of whether you are departing or arriving.