Denver International Airport
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Denver International Airport Amenities

Denver International Airport (DEN) Amenities

Denver International Airport (DEN) can be considered a vacation destination on its own with all the amenities it offers to travelers. First and foremost there are agencies that offer cheap Denver car rental rates. DEN offers restrooms near the gates of all the terminals as well as throughout every level of each terminal to meet individual and family needs. For the hearing impaired traveler, DEN has monitor paging and TTY service telephones throughout the terminals. The airport terminals are all equipped with ramps and elevators so all the amenities and services are accessible to everyone. The Public Service Credit Union offers financial services such as traveler checks, checking and savings accounts, and an ATM in all four terminals near the gates. There are also ATM machines located throughout the airport. At A gate center core, passengers will find Foreign Money where currency can be exchanged and they also offer traveler check services. All four terminals offer free global calling stations for traveler convenience. Passengers who have short layovers will not have time to explore the Mile High City. There are many ways to stay inside the terminal and pass the time until the connecting flight arrives.

DEN has free high speed internet and Wi-fi for those who want to surf the web or need to work and cannot take advantage of some of DEN more luxurious offerings. There are free charging stations at the concourse level of all four terminals for laptop computers and cell phones. There are customer service booths in the center cores of all four terminals to help travelers find their way around as well as provide information about the services offered at the airport and can help tourists find their way to the bus stops, trains, or find them cheap Denver car rentals to get them to Denver or outlying areas. Or, there is the Ground Transportation Booth on level five of the main terminal where travelers can find other cheap rental car offers. Smokers, do not worry, there are smoking areas in the airport so you do not have to go stand in the cold of winter to indulge.

Chair or table massages are available at the center core of A gate and B gate mezzanine levels of the airport. Clients can choose to pay by the minute or the hour depending on their stress level or how long their layover is. For those who have already taken advantage of the airport's cheapest rental car services, there is a Conoco gas station located on Pena Boulevard just outside the airport where you can fill it up with gas before returning it or grab a snack for the trip. There are a total of eight lounges in the airport. Some are for airline club members like United Red Carpet Club lounge and British Airway Executive club lounge. DEN has two chapels, the Interfaith Chapel and the Islamic Prayer Hall, on level six of the main terminal. They are opened twenty-four hours a day for prayer and meditation. There is a pet relief area located on the second level of the main terminal so passenger four-legged traveling companions can recreate between flights. For the gamers, there is the Internet and PC Game Caf?