Where Can I
Find Car Rental Coupons?
There are many different types of renters. Below, you will find detailed information on different categories of travelers so you can decide which best suits you.

Where Can I Find Car Rental Coupons?

Car rental consumers may find a plethora of car rental discounts on the internet. Consumers should begin their search by entering search terms related to car rental discounts and coupons. Several agencies will appear in the search engine. Car Rental Express is one source of discounts. Other sources may be found online. Car Rental Express provides prices and takes reservations for vehicles for the major cities in all 50 states. Along with the reservation tool, consumers may also find links for car rental discounts on the website. Other car rental companies are also sources of coupons and discounts. The car rental coupons will depend upon state where the car is rented.

Special Discount Sites

When performing a search on the Internet, the search engine will produce numerous sites where customers will find discount coupons that may be printed and presented at the time of rental. Consumers may also find discount codes that may be entered on the website when reserving online. These discounts may include a dollar value, such as $5, $10, $15 or $20. Additionally, the discounts may include percentages off such as 5% or 10% off. These discounts may be provided by the company or for military or other government officials. AAA or other companies may provide discounts as well depending upon the time. Companies may offer discounts for customers who rent vehicles for long periods of time. Consumers may also find discounts for free days, free GPS rental or free upgrades to make the rental more desirable to the customer.

Car Rental Express frequently has deals that are offered to customers. These deals are sorted by the state of rental and other criteria. The deals change frequently. Therefore, consumers should check frequently to find valid deals.

Independent Car Rental Sites

Independent car rental sites also offer deals on their specific websites. These deals range depending upon the length of time the rental, and the area where the vehicle is rented. Consumers may find exceptional deals that range from $25 off airport rentals to 15% off of a weekly rental. Additional discounts may be provided if the consumer rents from the website where the discount was discovered. Free upgrade coupons or free GPS coupons are common on these particular websites. Some of these discounts are featured all around the world. Consumers should perform a search to determine where the deals are located. Some of the deals are regional; therefore, consumers must perform comprehensive searches to find the best deal.

Some of the states have as many as 20 different independent car rental sites in a particular state. This will help consumers quickly peruse and compare the deals offered from one convenient site. Customers no longer have to search all over the internet with Car Rental Express. They may simply search one site to determine the deals available to consumers.

Benefits of Discounts

Discounts are beneficial to consumers to offset the costs of taxes, fees and car insurance. Car insurance is required by law and may be quite expensive if purchased at the rental counter. The discount will offset the expenses incurred with the purchase cost of car insurance. Additionally, car rentals from airports often contain exorbitant airport rental fees and taxes. The discounts may in some instances cancel the taxes. The taxes may often be half as expensive or as much as the car rental costs itself. Car rentals may become extremely expensive. Consumers should search for discounts to compensate for the high costs. Car Rental Express should be a source of information for consumers seeking to rent vehicles in the United States.