Car Rentals For
Tour Groups
There are many different types of renters. Below, you will find detailed information on different categories of travelers so you can decide which best suits you.

Car Rentals For Tour Groups

Car Rental Express is in the business of helping drivers get on their way, so it is no wonder that we especially love accommodating tour groups and providing great service on which they can rely. Whether you run a professional tour group or you are planning an extended family trip, Car Rental Express agencies will help you get everything underway with an extensive selection of cheap rental cars at affordable prices.

Tour Group Drivers

Tour groups are any combination of travelers who are visiting destinations together. There are thousands and thousands of professional tour groups around the world that provide organized and safe travel for participants looking to explore new destinations with a knowledgeable guide. Tour groups can also be large groups of people who have come together to enjoy a memorable vacation. Such groups include sports teams, extended family get-togethers, business teams, church groups or student groups.

Each year, millions of people around the world choose to travel with tour companies because of the reliability and relaxing nature that a knowledgeable guide brings to a personal vacation. Tour companies put great packages together that will take you to new and exciting destinations.

Group and Solo Travel

Many tour groups use the services of Car Rental Express agencies to provide personal cheap car rentals to travelers once they get to a specific destination. For example, a tour group will travel together to a city such as San Francisco. Once they arrive there and have an initial tour of the area, tour group members can then enjoy the city at their own pace and visit attractions that capture their individual interests. This concept is great for groups desiring a vacation that combines group travel with the opportunity for personal exploring.

Additional Drivers at Car Rental Express

Many tour groups decide to rent from Car Rental Express agencies because doing so provides them with the opportunity for more than one driver to drive the rental during the tour. This is especially convenient for groups traveling long distances so that drivers can take turns. Rules and guidelines surrounding additional drivers vary from agency to agency. It is therefore important that you find out from the agency what their policies are. Look for agency policies after selecting a car during the rental process.  Additional drivers need to provide the agency with the same information that the original driver is required to submit.  This usually includes such things as a driver's license, insurance, and other personal information.

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