Printable Car Rental
There are many different types of renters. Below, you will find detailed information on different categories of travelers so you can decide which best suits you.

Printable Car Rental Coupons

Consumers are constantly searching for deals in car rentals. Online deals are plentiful; however, they may require some online searching. Consumers searching for deals online will yield the best results with keywords related to car rentals, discounts and coupons. Printable coupons are preferred by many customers who prefer a paper document to present at the counter at the time of rental. Car Rental Express provides printable coupons online for their customers to redeem at the car rental site. The coupon amounts differ based upon the independent car rental company, the state where the car is being rented and the time of year that the car is being rented. Discounts may vary and change throughout the year depending upon the company’s promotions.

Printable Coupons

Printable coupons prevent confusion when presented at the rental counter. Consumers that provide visual documentation of the discount are more likely to receive the discount than the individual who mentions a discount viewed online. The discounts may range in value. Some companies may offer a percentage off an entire week of rental. Another company may offer a discounted or free GPS with the rental car. Other companies may provide a free day of rental or a free upgrade for extended rentals of a week or more. Some printable coupons may offer discounts to government officials, such as firefighters, police workers or military. Certain insurance companies, such as AAA may also offer discounts to consumers. The consumer must diligently check the site and select the offers available to the consumer.

With printable coupons, consumers must actively check to determine if the coupon has expired. If the coupon has expired, it will not be valid when presented at the counter. The representatives at the counter will verify the promotional offer and the dates of validation at the time of redemption. Members of the older community that do not shop online find comfort in printable coupons. However, many companies require an online purchase with the rental company in order to redeem the coupon at the counter. Consumers should examine the criteria or specifications of the offer to determine what conditions should be met prior to receiving the discount.

Printing the Coupon

When the consumer is ready to print the coupon, he or she may simply click on the coupon and a window will appear with instructions on how to print. The printing process may differ from website to website. Car Rental Express uses this method to offer discounts to their customers. Coupons may be printed from a pop up window. The rates and reservations may be made through a separate link provided near the coupon. Consumers do not have to search for the independent car rental company online. The link to reservations is provided below the coupon. This is a convenient and efficient method of booking online.

How to Make a Reservation

To obtain cheap car rental, consumers must simply click on the link provided on the discount provider’s website. Car Rental Express offers deals in 50 states and abroad. Renters may save as much as 30% when redeeming an online printable coupon. Consumers will be prompted to enter pertinent information such as dates of rental, time of pickup and return, age of driver, location of the rental, vehicle type needed and other information. Once the vehicle is reserved, the coupon may be valid for use. Some companies require a code to reflect the discount at the time of reservation. Others only require the coupon at the time of rental. Read the details to determine the conditions of the coupon redemption.