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New York City Car Rental Coupons

Renting a car in New York City gives travelers freedom from a trip schedule, which should be arranged around the fabulous sights in the Big Apple rather than waiting on public transportation. But while renting a car in New York is handy, its convenience can often be overshadowed by extra taxes tacked on to your bottom line.

According to Sally Greenburg of the National Consumer's League (NCL) 40 states and the District of Columbia are now tacking on extra car rental taxes, increasing the price consumers must pay in order to rent a car. Consumers can fight these extra taxes by being increasingly savvy when shopping for a rental car.

Searching the web can result in coupons and offers by both rental companies and travel companies, making taxes much more bearable. While it has been noted that rental car taxes have risen, consumers can still manage to fight excessive costs and still enjoy a vacation or an event where a rental car is a convenient option.

Find Car Rental Coupons in New York City

As home to one of the biggest airports in the nation, New York City's JFK is one of the locations rising taxes on rentals is hitting the hardest. Not only may vehicle renters experience sales tax that accompanies buying anything in New York City, but they may also experience state, city or airport taxes. According to the Better Business Bureau, some airports charge rental companies fees for "services rendered on airport property."

Consumers interested in visiting New York City for vacation, business or those local who desire to rent a car may find special offers, coupons and extra comparisons and searching to be a valuable asset to saving money on their trip and on their car rental purchase. Despite the great price that travelers may think they are getting when searching online for rental cars, it is important to note the different taxes and fees that may occur in that particular city, airport and state. With business travelers frequenting the Big Apple quite regularly, New York City is one area where buyers may big hit hard with extra taxes and fees imposed by airports, states and the city itself.

How can buyers really find the best deal on car rentals in New York City? Research fees and taxes that may be tacked onto quoted prices and seek out coupons and special offers that may offset some of the extra fees purchasers may experience. Some fees may be avoided by picking up or dropping off a rental vehicle in different locations, search for deals that may change depending on the rental facility location.

Find Car Rental Coupons in New York City

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