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Los Angeles Car Rental Coupons

When visiting Los Angeles, renting a car is the most convenient way to navigate the city. With endless attractions, scenic drives and fun things to do, choosing a rental car with unlimited or a high mileage limit is important. Not every attraction or destination is in the city of Los Angeles; many are in the metropolitan area, which covers about 4,850 square miles. With the Los Angeles International Airport's nearby car rental locations, visitors to the area will have easy access to many famous international rental car companies. Renting a car without a reservation after arriving may result in a higher daily rental charge. Before visiting this star-studded city, visitors should check Car Rental Express rates to compare discounted and sale rates among popular rental companies. CRX deals with the most reputable and trustworthy companies, offering promotional coupons and outstanding savings. By saving a large amount on a rental car, guests to Los Angeles may even want to extend their stay an additional day.

There are many scenic drives to take in a Los Angeles rental car. The stretch of Pacific Coast Highway, or Highway 1, starting in Santa Monica and heading north is a breathtaking view. This coastal highway wraps around the cliffs and gives drivers an excellent view of the ocean and beach from above. Several famous streets, such as the Rodeo Drive luxury shopping venue street, Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory Loop in Hollywood, featuring the Hollywood sign and famous brown-topped dome. With great discounts from Car Rental Express applied to a rental car, drivers can enjoy compact, mid-size or full-size car, truck or SUV. Vans may also be rented for traveling groups and large families.

Travelers from around the world are all warmly welcomed to Los Angeles, but there are several helpful things to remember about driving in this seaside city. Southern California is a desert, so temperatures may change drastically. Daytime temperatures in the inland areas may be hot, then cool at night. Beach cities are usually always cool, but it is best to rent a car planning to use the air conditioning. Seagulls are a beautiful native bird in the region, but their droppings can scratch a car's paint, as they include bits of shells and sand. Travelers should always purchase rental insurance from the car rental company if their personal provider doesn't cover such damage.

Freeways are something that may be avoided, but in order to travel more quickly, it is important to consult a map of the freeways before using them. They are often marked with city destinations instead of directions, which may confuse some travelers. It is important to study the cities in bold print in the direction of travel to make the drive easier. There are usually traffic jams or severe slowing during 8 am, 12 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm. Avoiding freeways and streets, if possible, during these hours is advised. Also drivers should be aware that strict laws about pedestrians are enforced heavily. Cars should always yield for bikers and those who are walking. It is illegal to park or stop in a crosswalk and is an offense to make a turn while a person is standing even within close proximity of a crosswalk. Driving with a cell phone is also a serious offense; many people are stopped every day for having a cell phone in use while driving. Tickets are given and the police are very harsh about such things, so drivers should be aware of these things before getting behind the wheel.

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