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There are many different types of renters. Below, you will find detailed information on different categories of travelers so you can decide which best suits you.

Las Vegas Car Rental Coupons

Car Rental Express features several independent rental car agencies that provide consumers with car rental services. Currently, there are six different independent rental car agencies in Las Vegas. The agency provides low cost rental options, as well as, car rental coupons. Each of the agencies strives to provide excellent service as well. Often car rental may become expensive after the addition of taxes, airport fees and rental insurance. Customers should consider each of these additional costs into the rate of the vehicle to ensure that they get the best rates.

Discount coupons range in value. Some coupons may possess a dollar value of $5, $10, $15 or $20. Other coupons may carry a percentage, such as 5% off for military, firefighters, cops or AAA members. Some coupons may offer a free upgrade in the vehicle, free GPS or a free day of rental. Discounts may also be offered for long term rentals that consist of a week or more. Consider the discount coupons available before renting a vehicle. This will ensure that the driver receives the best rate possible. Examples of printable coupons may be found at the following on the Car Rental Express (CRX) website. Peruse the coupons available and print or enter the code into the website when reserving the vehicle online.

Customers should be aware of the driving conditions in Las Vegas when renting a vehicle. In 2008, there were 732 auto thefts per 100,000 residents in Las Vegas. This statistic decreased from previous years when the number exceeded 1200 auto thefts. This number is down due to the Vehicle Investigations Project for Enforcement and Recovery (VIPER) program implemented by the police. Intentionally, stealing a person’s car will result in a felony charge on the driver’s record, fines and prison time. Oddly, newer cars were less likely to be stolen. The 1990s Honda Accords were among the top vehicles stolen in Las Vegas, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Most rental cars are two years or less old. However, Las Vegas still takes precautions as it has the seventh highest rate for stolen vehicles in the United States. Police are vigilant because of this ranking. When renting a vehicle, insurance is necessary to cover the damages for a lost or stolen vehicle.

Nevada had 230 fatalities in the past year due to drinking and driving. Approximately, half of those drivers had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit of 0.08 percent. With these statistics, drivers must be cognizant of their behavior and other's behavior on the road. Rental insurance is necessary for accidents due to alcohol as well.

Drivers must be aware that unexpected rental car fees can become quite expensive. Rental car agencies not only charge for the damage to the vehicle, but also for the income lost while the vehicle is being repaired. Most individuals do not have out of pocket money to pay for these expenses. Discount coupons may offset the costs of purchasing rental car insurance, taxes and fees.

Drivers traveling in other states must know the laws. Violating the laws while on vacation or business may result in costly fines and perhaps jail time. This could significantly put a damper on your travel plans. Business and leisure travelers should plan ahead and save money wherever possible. This will ensure that funds are available to cover preventative coverage for the vehicle, taxes and fees. In these economic times, consumers welcome a discount from companies that offer them. Peruse the CRX website and other websites to find discounts and coupons available for Las Vegas car rentals.

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