How to Rent
a Hybrid Car in LA
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How to Rent a Hybrid Car in LA

How to Rent a Hybrid Car in LA

Hybrid cars are not only good for the environment, but they are good on the wallet as well. With up to 50 miles per gallon, if you rent a hybrid on your next trip to the Los Angeles area, you will be able to travel all around the state, visit every attraction and use very little gas, saving you money and time at the gas pump. can help you to get into a rented Toyota Prius on your next vacation to the greater LA area.

When you first go to, enter LAX on the destination tab and Los Angeles will be highlighted. Then, enter your pick-up and drop-off dates and select “Hybrid” from the drop down list of available vehicles. The first available selection, the Toyota Prius, is available through Midway at an affordable price. While the price to rent a Prius may be slightly more than that of a compact or economy car, the money you will save on gas more than makes up for the higher rental cost, especially if you have destinations that may require a lot of driving. If you choose to learn more about Midway, you can click on “View Profile” to learn all of the specifications about the company, such as cash rentals, minimum age to rent and if airport pickup is available, then click on “Renter Rated” to see how other customers rated the business previously. This will get you better informed on how well the company rates with other customers who have previously rented from them, giving you peace of mind that you will receive quality vehicles and customer service for your trip.

California is a fun and exciting state to visit. With Disney, Universal Studios, Hollywood, Malibu and much, much more, you will always be able to find something to keep you entertained throughout your visit. When you rent a hybrid car to get you around, you will be helping California with their long time pollution problem by driving an earth friendly car, as well as saving you money on gas. When you don’t need to stop every couple hundred miles for gas, you will also save time that would normally be spent at the gas pump. Now, you can use that time to visit everything California has to offer. Car Rental Express is here to help you get the hybrid you want at the price you need so you can go where you want, when you want to go there.

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