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How to Find a Cheap Rental Car in Las Vegas

Finding an Affordable Rental Car for Your Vegas Vacation

Vegas can be one of the most entertaining vacations you and your family will ever take; however, between the casinos, lodging and attractions, your vacation fund can be run dry sooner than expected. This is where Car Rental Express comes in to save you money and save the day. When you go to our cheap Las Vegas car rental page, you will be directed to a site for the lowest prices on car rentals in an around the Vegas area. Once you search for a vehicle, both the daily rate as well as the total rate will appear, allowing you to compare any vehicle you choose, without opening another page.

When you are on the quote page, click on “View Profile” next to the company name. This will show you all available information about the company, including the minimum age requirements, if airport pick up is available, deposits require and any other information. Then, click on “Renter Rated” to view all the available reviews on the company. This will show you what kind of customer service they offer as well as what condition the vehicles are in.

At Car Rental Express, you simply go to the menu at the upper left side of the screen, enter your dates of travel and select either economy or compact to get the lowest prices on a rental car. Ace Rental Car and U-Save will provide you with comprehensive quotes that include both the daily rate as well as the total rate for your trip. The economy cars include these cars and similar models of: Dodge Neon, Ford Focus and Chevy Aveo. All of these cars are available with either 2 or 4 door, whichever one meets your needs. All of these cars are priced at affordable rates and they will not break your budget when you go to fill them up with gas. Also, if you search for mid-size rentals, U-Save rental cars has a fabulous deal on a Hyundai Sonata, which will give you more room than the economy cars, while still saving you money.

If you're flying into McCarran International Airport then please visit our Las Vegas Airport car rental page to find cheap cars as soon as you're off the plane.

Finding that perfect rental car can become a time consuming task. With Car Rental Express, they take this big task and do the work for you. They will locate the right car at the right price in the Vegas area so you can thoroughly enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, including all the casinos and attractions as well as the Vegas Motor Speedway, Natural History Museum and much, much more.

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