Car Rentals for
Government Employees
There are many different types of renters. Below, you will find detailed information on different categories of travelers so you can decide which best suits you.

Car Rentals for Government Employees

Because of our great service and quality, government employees continually choose the agencies of Car Rental Express for all of their cheap car rental car needs.   Just as you, government employees, are dedicated to providing great service to your countries, at Car Rental Express we are dedicated to meeting all of your rental needs.

Government Employees

No matter of which government you are an employee, Car Rental Express agencies are happy to provide service for you. Our agencies provide a great selection of rental cars to all members of government. Some agencies even offer great government specials if the rental car will be used for business purposes.

Car Rentals for Government Interns

Consider Car Rental Express for car rentals for government interns who are working with your governmental office for a temporary period of time. Interns often travel significant distances for a governmental office and frequently do not have the means to provide their own car for transportation. In addition to this, many government interns frequently have to fly to other cities to work for a short amount of time. A car rental is perfect for these employees to use for daily business tasks and to get from their residence to the workplace.

By reserving a car for government employees with Car Rental Express, you can ensure that your interns make the most of their workday and enjoy convenient personal transportation at its finest.

Car Rentals for Government Escorts

Pick up visiting government employees and leaders from other national governments in style, with one of the great rental cars from a worldwide selection of Car Rental Express agencies. You will show your visitors great appreciation and respect when you personally pick them up from the airport and show them the city. After they have become acquainted with the area, you can then present them with their own personal rental car from Car Rental Express to enjoy throughout their stay.

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