Los Angeles Restaurants
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Los Angeles Restaurants

Los Angeles Restaurants

Los Angeles is a vibrant city that is home to people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and varying financial situations.  LA represents people from Africa, Asia, Latin & South America and even Fiji.  It is no wonder that this city offers a multitude of cafes, eateries and gourmet restaurants with an exciting array of cuisine.  All you need to do is rent a car so that you can travel from one restaurant to another - you want to be sure that you sample everything!

Fine Dining

Cafe La Boheme - If you are looking for a classy, elegant and tasty place to eat, then search no more!  Cafe La Boheme, located on Santa Monica Blvd., boasts elaborate chandeliers with ruby-red decor.  It is a great place to go if you are in the mood for celebrity gazing since many famous people are known to eat here.  Popular dishes include Lobster Saffron Risotto and Red Caviar Spaghetti.  And don't worry about parking your Los Angeles rental car - Cafe La Boheme has full-service valet.

Bastide - If you are in the mood for fine French cuisine and other European favorites, then Bastide is perfect for you.  Park your luxury vehicle outside and enter into the quiet yet trendy ambience of Bastide.  While you wait for your table you can look over the classic and collectible Assouline books in the 'reading/waiting' area.  Delectable dishes include beef tartar, salmon with beluga lentils and pork chops with apple rosemary sauce and fried almonds.

Yamashiro - Located in the Hollywood Hills, Yamashiro restaurant offers a fantastic view of the city.  Be sure to reserve a window table so that you can admire the surrounding beauty while you sip on warm sake.  The restaurant itself was built in 1911 and is a replica of a palace in Kyoto, Japan.  It doesn't get more authentic than that!  The menu offers such treats as Wagyu steak, sushi, seared ahi tuna and lamb chops.

Affordable Dining

Just because you don't want to spend a fortune on food and restaurants doesn't mean that you have to eat poorly while in Los Angeles.  Choose from a variety of ethnic cuisine that is sure to please your palette.  Visit Daichan for some 'Japanese Soul Food'.  Here, you have a variety from which to choose: sushi, soups, noodles and more.  If you are more in the mood for Chinese food, be sure to drive your Los Angeles car rental to Chung King Restaurant.  If you are into Sichuan peppers, then this is definitely the place to go (just make sure to drink lots of water).  This restaurant is located on S. San Gabriel Blvd.

Be sure to sample some amazing Indian Food.  Paru's restaurant, located on Sunset Blvd., is a great place to take your loved one for a romantic meal.  Chefs at this restaurant use a variety of spices, herbs, vegetables and lentils to create intricate tastes from South India.  This restaurant is strictly vegetarian and even if you are a hard-core carnivore, give it a try.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Are you in the mood for some Middle Eastern fare?  If so, be sure to pack up your family and drive your SUV rental  to Falafal Arax.  If you are on the run and need to pick up a nutritious and wholesome meal, then this place is perfect.  Do NOT leave here without sampling the falafal or the chicken sandwich with garlic.

Finally, if you want to sample something from Mexico, El Cholo on South Western Avenue is where it's at!  This is Los Angeles' oldest Mexican eatery and apparently, Bing Crosby was a regular!  If you feel like getting messy, order the 'to die for' nachos and chase them down with a signature margarita.  Green corn tamales and vegetarian fajitas are also favorites.