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Rent-A-Wreck is the Smart Alternative for all your car rental needs. Founded in 1968 and franchising since 1973, we are one of the best-known neighborhood car rental companies in the U.S. and global market. "Do you really rent wrecks?" After being in business for many years with one of the most unique and memorable corporate names, we still get calls from people every day asking this question. Rest assured, our vehicles are more like the cars you drive everyday. We keep our fleet of cars, trucks, SUV's and vans clean and well maintained; they are far from wrecks! We hope that our funny name helps you to remember us, and our low cost rentals and high quality customer service will earn and keep your business. Whether you need a rental vehicle for business, pleasure or something in between, Rent-a-Wreck is here for all your driving needs. Many of our locations stock economy cars and full size luxury sedans; and they also offer pickup trucks, box trucks, min-vans, cargo vans, 15-passenger vans, SUVs, and station wagons for rent as well! Try any of our locations across the United States and internationally in the Caribbean, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Years in business: 40
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Pickup / Dropoff Services

Rent-a-Wreck provides pickup / dropoff services.

Airport Service

Rent-a-Wreck provides airport pickup and dropoff services.

We serve the following markets

  • Insurance Replacement Rentals
  • Students / Young Drivers
  • Association Members (AAA / AARP)
  • Travellers
  • Local Renters
  • Tour Groups
  • Conventions / Special Events
  • Travel Agents
  • Airline Employees
  • Military
  • Government
  • Corporate Clients
  • Special Group Rates
  • Long Term Renters

We specialize in helping individuals and groups save on their vehicle rentals. We work with large and small companies, government agencies, movie and film production companies, insurance agencies, universities and others.

Special Services

We offer road side service 24/7 and pick up and drop off service is available at most locations, inquire with the location directly for specific information.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 21

Cash Deposit Rentals

We accept all credit cards, bank issued debit cards and pre paid debit cards. We do not accept cash for deposits or final payments.

Locations and Local Area

Rent-a-Wreck has the following locations:

  • Rent-A-Wreck of Monmouth Junction(Monmouth Junction, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Newark(Newark, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Dexter(Dexter, NY)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Cherry Hill(Cherry Hill, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Lebanon(Lebanon, NH)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Deptford(Deptford, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Watertown(Watertown, NY)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Sayreville(Sayreville, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Parma(Parma, OH)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Minot(Minot, ND)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Rockville(Rockville, MD)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of East Haven(East Haven, CT)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of San Francisco(San Francisco, CA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of LATROBE(LATROBE, PA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Billings(Billings, MT)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Greensboro(Greensboro, NC)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Lakewood(Lakewood, WA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Rapid City(Rapid City, SD)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Reno(Reno, NV)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of South Burlington(South Burlington, VT)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of SeaTac(SeaTac, WA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Baltimore(Baltimore, MD)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of El Cerrito(El Cerrito, CA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of RICHMOND(RICHMOND, VA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of East Brunswick(East Brunswick, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Hamden(Hamden, CT)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Springfield(Springfield, MO)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Philadelphia(Philadelphia, PA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Bakersfield(Bakersfield, CA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Brick(Brick, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Morristown(Morristown, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Warren(Warren, MI)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Casper(Casper, WY)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Gillette(Gillette, WY)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Glen Burnie(Glen Burnie, MD)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Gorman(Gorman, CA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Dover(Dover, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Erie(Erie, PA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Fairfield(Fairfield, CA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Canton(Canton, MI)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Newton(Newton, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Hampden(Hampden, ME)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Walled Lake(Walled Lake, MI)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of New Bedford(New Bedford, MA)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Winston-Salem(Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Cleveland(Cleveland, OH)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Biddeford(Biddeford, ME)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Cumberland(Cumberland, MD)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Burbank(Burbank, IL)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Hammond(Hammond, IN)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Emerson(Emerson, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Fort Worth(Fort Worth, TX)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Simpson Bay(Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Aberdeen(Aberdeen, NC)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Lake Hiawatha(Lake Hiawatha, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Chester(Chester, NJ)
  • Rent-A-Wreck of Hackettstown(Hackettstown, NJ)

Corporate Address

13900 Laurel Lakes Avenue, Suite 100
Laurel, MD
United States

We rent the following types of vehicles

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Luxury
  • Specialty