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The person who inspected my vehicle before I drove off could've been a bit more knowledgeable. They should've stated that I could drop it off during off hours at the Marriott parking garage next door, w/out me having to ask about it.

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Amazing customer service. So nice and helpful

Report abuse Mon Nov 13, 2017 - Ali

Great deal, good car, quick service compared with long line ups with the BIG guys.

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Found out I was charged more than I was originally quoted for so I had to call the company & to inform them & see what went wrong.

Report abuse Fri Nov 3, 2017 - Renter Review

No answer when called left VM Had to rent with Advantage copy left office called next day talked with Michelle manager after discussion honored contracted rate for remaining days Charlene clerk 10/13 reported clerk had to close early due to emergency requested refund for Advantage denied by manager

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Arrived at the airport called office for pick up no answer voice mail left message fax received stipulate that hours operation closed at 900 pm Assumed office was closed no other option than to rent at Advantage paid $50 Called next day talked to manager Michele could not find explanation why nobody answered my call night before After complaining she finally honored contracted rate and picked up my car next day . Charlene clerk on duty 10/12 had emergency closed early no refund provi

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1) I thought the car could've been cleaner and in better condition. It seemed noisy once I got on the freeway as if something was rubbing t high speed. It never turned out to be a problem. Chris who checked me in mentioned that it was past due for an oil change but the other car of similar size wasn't in as good condition so I requested the one in better condition. 2) I feel like Chris was distracted by a phone call that slowed down my check in. He could've been quicker entering my info

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When we returned the car there was no one available to drive us to the terminal. We had ago wait for 15 mins for him to arrive. They were all very nice but this was a problem for us.

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figure out your hold policy and maybe make it more clear. No other rental companies ONLY hold the car for one hour. If thats the case call everyone and let them know your strict about it. Seriously is ******** and Im sure its not the first time youve heard.

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Everything was EXCELLENT!!

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