Denver International Airport Restaurants

Denver International Airport (DEN) Restaurants

The restaurants in the DEN terminals range from sandwich shops to formal dining with gourmet chefs. You might want to return your cheap Denver car rental early so you can take advantage of this great eating. There are two Ben & Jerry Ice Cream shops to cool off the hottest tourist. Eat at one of the many Subway sandwich shops for a healthy break. There is a brewery located in the main terminal on the fifth level called the Boulder Tap House. Try their micro brews or other local beers from Colorado.

There are snack machines camouflaged throughout the terminals that provide sweet or salty sustenance as well as a variety of soft drinks and juices. Once the hungry reach Denver, the choices are endless. Again, the culinary choices range from fast food to Rocky Mountain Oysters. The restaurant for the first Oysters experience is located in Denver on Osage street. Consider looking into cheap car rentals nearby to get there. Also, make reservations well before the trip because the restaurant is world famous and usually full to capacity.

The Buck Horn Exchange is the place to try if you want to eat something out of the ordinary. There are Rocky Mountain Oysters to try and buffalo meat for burgers or the best steak ever cooked. They serve ostrich meat, snake meat, and meat from the carnivores that roam the forests to the west of the city. They also serve what's left of the bull once his oysters have been removed and eaten.