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  • Lonely Planet

  • "Independent agencies are listed in this guide, in the local Yellow Pages and by Car Rental Express, which rates and compares independent agencies in US cities; it’s particularly useful for searching out cheaper long-term rentals."

  • The New York Times: here and here

  • "Because of lower operating costs and smaller overhead, mom-and-pop agencies, which can be found at sites like, typically offer rates between 15 and 30 percents less than national agencies."

  • USA Today

  • Smart Money

  • "Another good site for low rates from independent companies is Car Rental Express. The site finds you the cheapest rates from among more than 100 consumer-rated companies."

  • eHow

  • "Try, a site that compares prices of independently owned car-rental agencies."


  • Trip Advisor

  • Frommers

  • "Another cheap option, for both international and domestic travel, is Vancouver-based CRX Car Rental Express. CRX is a Web-only clearinghouse -- like Orbitz, Expedia, or Travelocity -- but their specialty is independent car rental agencies throughout the world."



  • "[Car Rental Express] can make it easy to find smaller rental agencies where you're headed."

  • Make Use Of

  • "Unlike other websites, Car Rental Express (CRX) provides search results from only independent car rental agencies, not the big ones. The website covers over 1,500 locations worldwide and 300 agencies."

  • Tnooz

  • The Consumerist

  • "Avoid Name Brands: Use sites like to find smaller rental agencies."

  • Auto Trends Magazine

  • Yahoo! User Interface Blog - YUIBlog

  • American Daily Herald


  • The College Driver

  • Skyscanner