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Why You Should Always Book Your Car Rentals in Advance

Car RentalIt’s no secret that car rental companies encourage travelers to reserve their rental vehicles well in advance. And yet, even though online booking services, like the Car Rental Express reservation engine, have made the process of pre-booking quick and easy, a great deal of vacationers are still skeptical of advanced car rental booking requirements. Amazingly, more than 35% of travelers still leave their car rental booking to less than a week before travel. 

So what’s the deal? Are advanced car rental bookings in the best interest of the customer, or is this just another tactic to trick customers into paying higher rental fees?

The Truth About Pre-Booking Your Car Rental
Don’t let the conspiracy theorists get to you – advanced rental bookings are NOT more expensive than last-minute bookings. In fact, the opposite is often the case. Some independent car rental companies will offer as much as a 15% discount on pre-bookings, saving savvy travelers a ton of cash. You see, the main goal for any car rental company is to secure rentals – the sooner, the better. Offering pre-booking discounts and online promotions helps car rental companies keep their bookings high and the revenue flowing.

It’s About Saving You Money
Advanced car rental reservations rarely cost you any money. Most companies let you reserve a car for free, charging your credit card only when you arrive at the counter for pick up. If you’re bound and determine to find the best car rental deal, pre-booking could be your golden ticket! While comparing rental prices using an online comparison engine, don’t just keep track of the best deal – reserve it! If you’re able to locate a better deal tomorrow, simply cancel your previous reservation without any additional charge. This way, if a better deal doesn’t materialize, you haven’t missed out on the first offer.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm
Leaving your car rental reservation to the last minute might sound like a smart idea – until you realize there are no rentals left! It isn’t uncommon for an entire car rental fleet to be booked during busy travel periods, leaving last minute travelers high and dry when they arrive at the rental counter. On the other hand, travelers that reserve their rental ahead of time will have the benefit of browsing a wide selection of vehicles, and a better chance of securing the vehicle they most want to drive.

Avoid Mistakes By Giving Yourself Time
Last minute car rental bookings are often done in a rush. Instead of taking your time to review policies, terms and conditions, you simply flip through the contract and sign on the dotted line. Failure to review your contract properly could leave you exposed to additional fees, or worse, with insufficient coverage in the case of an accident.

Start Your Vacation Off Right
One of the simple perks associated with reserving your car rental in advance is knowing that your vehicle will be prepped and waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. No one wants to start his or her vacation stranded at the airport or searching for the last available rental. So do yourself a favor and reserve your vehicle early.

Car Rental Express recommends reserving your online car rental a minimum of four weeks in advance. Find a great deal today using our car rental comparison tool and early reservation system.

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