Why Everyone Should
Travel Solo
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Why Everyone Should Travel Solo

Have you ever traveled alone? Sure, you’ve probably traveled alone for work or taken a quick solo trip for an important event. But have you ever considered taking a vacation by yourself? Believe it or not, solo travel is highly beneficial and recommended to everyone.

Some people leap right into traveling alone, others are skeptical or nervous to try it. But even if you prefer to take your vacations with others, you should take a solo trip alone at least once, or even once a year if you can. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet more than you might think.

Not convinced? Here are 10 good reasons why everyone should travel solo: 

1.     You will have complete authority to make major decisions like your hotel of choice and your car rental company. Want an exotic car rental and a four star resort? No problem, it’s your trip and your choice.

2.     You create your own itinerary. There will be no stops that are unnecessary in your mind. You’ll see exactly what you want to see, rest when you want to rest and eat what you want to eat. Just let that sink in.

3.     You’ll learn so much about yourself. You’ll have time for quiet reflection during long drives in your luxury car rental. You’ll start learning to trust your judgement and listen to your heart. You may even make a major life decision or come to an important realization. You never know what will come up when it’s just you and your thoughts on the road.

4.     You’ll step out of your comfort zone and speak to strangers. Even if you’re a natural introvert, you’ll find yourself talking to people when you travel alone. It makes the journey feel less isolating, and it’s actually very fun. You might even make a new friend.

5.     You will truly savor every experience. Travel companions are wonderful, but they can also be distracting. With no one else to focus on, you’ll give 100% of your attention to the view you’re enjoying, the attraction you’re seeing or the food you’re eating. You’ll probably remember each experience more vividly than you would if you were with others because you’ll be fully present.

6.     You’ll have true freedom and flexibility, even if that means changing your plans last-minute. You may not be able to convince your friends to spend an extra day in a city you’ve fallen in love with, but with no one else’s permission to ask, you can stay as long as you’d like.

7.     You can dare to go off the beaten path, whatever that might mean to you. Have you ever heard that famous quote “Do one thing a day that scares you?” Well, there may be something to it. That doesn’t mean you should run off and go skydiving (unless that’s your hobby!) or put yourself in harm’s way, just that you should step outside of your comfort zone in a new way on your solo trip. That could mean trying an exotic cuisine you’ve never had that you’re not sure if you’d like, or it could mean literally exploring new territory.

8.     You’ll eat better. Oftentimes when we travel with others, we don’t make an effort to eat healthy foods. Vacations are a time of indulgence, right? But if you’d like to stick to a healthy eating plan, you’ll have much better luck if you’re alone. If you’re willing to spend a little extra time tracking down or prepping healthy food, you’ll have no problem sticking to a nutritious eating plan. Of course, no one can be perfect all the time… and when you give in to tempotation and decide to treat yourself, no one will be around to judge you.

9.     You’ll develop a whole new realization of your independence. Traveling alone may put you in situations you never imagined you’d be in or force you to adapt to a situation and overcome it by yourself. if you always travel in groups, you’ll never have that opportunity.

10.  You will gain priceless confidence. Between navigating strange roads in strange cities by yourself, trying new foods, stepping outside of your comfort zone and talking to strangers, you’ll realize you’re capable of so much more than you ever realized. This is one souvenir you should always bring home with you.



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