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What You Need to Know About One Way Car Rentals

OnewayThe open road is calling – are you ready to answer? Faced with onerous security regulations, a myriad of fees, and uncomfortable seating, more and more travelers are opting to hit the highway rather than the skyways when embarking on a cross country vacation. North Americans are rediscovering the joys of driving cross country – quirky attractions, comfortable hotels, and the freedom to do whatever you want.

This resurgent roadway love affair is helping to revitalized one way car rental services as well as driveaway opportunities. If you're considering a one way vacation, now's the time to review your options. A one way car rental could help you minimize your travel costs while at the same time enhancing your travel experience.

The Benefits of One Way Car Rentals
One way car rentals are an important option to consider when planning a long-distance vacation. Whether you're traveling for work or for pleasure, or even if you're planning a move out of state, a one way car rental provides you with a flexible form of transportation. Travelers choose one-way car rentals for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common options are to avoid retracing their steps on vacation, to take the place of an expensive flight, or to enjoy a cross country road trip without putting additional miles on their own vehicle.

Avoid Air Travel Issues
Traveling by car, truck or minivan is a great way to see the sights that would have been forever overlooked from 30,000 feet in the air. You'll also have the freedom to pull over and stretch whenever you please, enjoying stops at roadside diners, visitor's centers, and famous attractions. What's more, one way long distance car rentals help you avoid the stresses of airport travel. Forget about airport security, luggage carousels, and boarding passes. A one way car rental is all you need to embark on your vacation.

Leave You Car At Home
One of the biggest benefits of traveling in a one way car rental is avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on your own vehicle. Perks like car rental roadside assistance helps protect you against the cost and hassle of vehicle malfunctions, while special extras like satellite radio and GPS help keep you entertained and on course. Save your personal vehicle from the rigors of the open road – depend on a one way rental to get you from point A to point B.

One Way Perks
•    Discounts
•    Flexibility
•    Mileage restrictions are eliminated
•    Stress-free travel
•    Roadside assistance
•    Avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your own vehicle

Who Offers One Way Car Rentals?
Most car rental companies offer one way rentals, provided they have more than one rental location. While smaller companies may offer one-way rentals, you will have the most choice if you rent from a larger independent car rental company that has many locations throughout the state or country. The Car Rental Express vehicle reservation system makes it easy for travelers to locate companies that offer this convenient travel opportunity.

The Hidden Costs of One Way Rentals
One way car rentals can be pricey, especially if you book through a major rental chain. The cost is due to two factors: drop-off surcharges and high base rates. The drop-off surcharge is the penalty some companies charge for leaving your vehicle in a different location than from whence you picked it up. If the company doesn't hit you with a high surcharge, it could be because the base rate is padded. Either way, most companies will charge you more for a one way rental than for a round trip vehicle.

Strategies for Saving on a One Way Rental
The following are some strategies to follow when researching a one way rental:

1)    Shop Around
The Car Rental Express website allows you to comparison shop hundreds of independent car rental companies, many of which offer one way rentals. Our intuitive system makes it easy to compare one way rates and allows you to review any applicable surcharges.
2)    Keep an Eye Out For Coupons
Many car rental companies offer special coupon codes to help you save on one way rentals. Travelers can look for these deals in the Car Rental Discounts area of the CRX website.
3)    Follow the Seasons
Sometimes, car rental companies need to move their fleet from one part of the country to another. Just as snowbird travelers head south for the winter, many large independent car rental companies will need to move the majority of their fleet to southern locations in order to accommodate the growing demand. Once spring rolls around, the reverse happens – car rental companies need to move all of their vehicles back up north. If you're traveling in the right direction, you could score a great deal on a one way rental.
4)    Consider a Driveaway
Some Independent car rental companies also offer driveaway services. This is an arrangement, usually facilitated by the company, in which the owner of a car pays for a driver to move his or her vehicle from one location to another. The driver typically pays for lodging, food, and fuel beyond the first tank of gas. Driveaways are a great way for flexible travelers looking to take a low-cost road trip.

If you're planning on embarking on a long distance road trip, a one way car rental could be a great way to enhance your vacation experience.

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