Smart Cars?
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Smart Cars? To Be or Not To Be?

So I read this article at BBC and I am a bit on the fence.  While the up-and-coming car technology is partly intended to make driving less dangerous, so many new facets make me think that drivers will be even more in danger than before. A lot of the technology that will be included in new cars can be distractions for drivers, even if they’re really intended for passengers.

It also makes me wonder what will happen to the car rental business. Will cheap car rentals cost even less because their autos are so much less advanced than their new-age counterparts? Or will people opt for cheap car rentals because if they can’t have a supercharged, connected device, they’d rather hold out until they can afford one? The poll says that people would prefer an Internet connection over a car - if the choice ever becomes a reality, the car rental business may see a surge in customers.

I can’t help but think about all of the unforeseen problems that are looming. Some of this technology is really great, like the car that can start itself as its driver approaches. Odds are, though, that these devices are going to have many flaws for the first year or so that they’re out. Who’s the lucky driver who gets to deal with those issues? I’d rather wait until the cars have been on the market for awhile to ensure all the kinks are worked out, even if they do go through rigorous testing before being released to the public.

Lastly, I wonder if these new cars are going to breed bad drivers. Extra safety precautions are, of course, excellent. Are we training new drivers to not look for hazards because their cars will do it for them, though? This is dangerous because even the most advanced car is still a machine, which means it’s fallible.


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