The Advantages of
an Independent Car
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The Advantages of an Independent Car Rental Company

IndependenceWhen it comes to renting a car for an upcoming vacation or business trip, travelers have two options: they can rent from a well known franchise, or they can rent from a smaller independent car rental agency. Unfortunately, many people often opt to book with a well known brand without really taking the time to compare the pros and cons associated with their decision.


While franchise locations have the power of a nationally recognized company name behind them, many lack the customer care and flexibility that independent agencies thrive on. This is because the independent car rental business model is all about supporting you, the customer, rather than corporate stakeholders. The following are just a few of the many benefits the independent car rental business model has over corporate competitors:


1)    The Freedom To Make Their Own Rules, Regulations, and Policies
When you operate a car rental franchise, you're forced to play by someone else's rules. Although a franchise offers additional support, there is very little freedom to change and improve policies at a local level. Franchise owners are also often required to purchase their supplies from "approved" suppliers, instead of other local businesses. Independent car rental companies enjoy far more freedom, which helps them provide their customers with better care and service.

2)    Better Pricing
Franchise car rental locations are often bound by an overarching pricing structure. This means that the price of a rental is locked in, regardless of your location. Corporate will also control the companies sales and promotions, along with pricing increases. Independent car rental companies can update their pricing structure whenever necessary. This freedom enables independents to offer great promotions based on local events and tourism seasons.

The Many Advantages of Owning an Independent Car Rental Company
Independent car rental companies aren't distracted by corporate dealings. Their focus is always on growing their local business. Franchise locations often run into a lot of corporate issues, many of which have nothing to do with their local business, but still impact their ability to provide high quality customer service.

4)    Home Grown Values
One of the biggest benefits of the independent car rental business model is the ability to build your business on your own values, rather than those mandated by a franchise agreement. Independent car rental companies build their reputation from the ground up, providing friendly service, fantastic rentals, and reliable advice. Instead of hanging onto the coat tails of a corporate brand, independents strive to create their own name. While it may be easier to align yourself with a corporate franchise, it isn't always for the best. Hard work, dedication, and constant innovation enables independent car rental companies to stay one step ahead of major franchise locations, which in turn helps increase the level of customer service that's offered.

Bigger isn't always better, especially in the case of car rental companies. Reserve your next car rental form an independent agencies and see for yourself why independent car rental agencies have the best deals. Begin your independent car rental comparison now.

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