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Looking for Van Rental Advice?

Van RentalWhether you're moving or planning a group vacation, space is always an important consideration when renting a vehicle. Nothing is more uncomfortable than jamming six friends and six suitcases into a teeny, tiny rental. Luckily, Car Rental Express can help you locate a spacious van rental without any difficulty.


Simply select your desired location and rental period, along with either "cargo van" or "passenger van" from the car rental search tool and you're ready to begin!

New to the world of multi-person vehicle rentals? No worries! The following is some straight forward van rental advice from the experts at Car Rentals Express.


Van Types
The first thing you'll need to consider when reserving a van is the type of rental that you need. Van rentals can be broken down into two main categories: passenger and cargo vehicles. Passenger van rentals include minivans, extended vans, and 15 passenger van rentals. Cargo vans can also come in extended lengths, but include just two seats, one for the driver and one for a passenger.

If you're planning on moving more "stuff" than people, cargo vans are you best bet. If you're arranging a multi-person vacation, a 15 passenger van rental will likely provide you with enough space for both your friends and your luggage.

Van Sizes
There are several sizes of vans available on the rental market. When deciding on what type of cargo van to use, first consider the size of the largest item that you need to move. You'll want to make sure that item fits in your chosen vehicle. The next cargo van rental size consideration will depend on how many trips you are prepared to make between your original and final destination. Obviously, the larger the van, the more items you can fit inside, and the less trips you'll need to make.

Passenger vans also come in a variety of sizes, providing travelers with tons of space for additional travel mates. Minivan rentals, depending on the model, normally offer between seven and eight proper seats. Extended van rentals include twelve and fifteen seat configurations.

When reviewing van rentals online, it's important that you compare like with like. When comparing prices, make sure you know what's included and what's excluded from your quote. Insurance can vary drastically from company to company, and even between van rental classes. Remember to always review your coverage policy, and never assume that your initial quote includes full coverage. If possible, always opt for van rentals with an unlimited mileage option.

A Note on Van Rental Safety
If you've never driven a van before, prepare for a bit of an adjustment. Driving a van is different from driving your average car; you're up higher, the vehicle's center of gravity is different, and the vehicle's body is substantially longer than a normal car. As such, extended cargo and passenger van rentals have a far greater risk of rolling over if driven recklessly. The risk of rollover crash in an extended van increases dramatically as the number of occupants increases. Adding a load to the roof of the vehicle will also contribute to the risk of rollover.

Tips for Preventing Rollover
•    Make sure that you're well rested before getting behind the wheel of your van rental.
•    Maintain a safe speed for weather and road conditions.
•    If that van's wheels drop off the paved roadway onto a loose shoulder, gradually reduce speed and steer back onto solid pavement.

More than 80% of people killed in extended van rollover crashes were not wearing their seatbelt. Buckling up can dramatically reduce your risk of injury in the event of a crash.

Finding a safe, affordable van rental doesn't have to be tough. Check out the Car Rental Express comparison search tool today for more information.

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