A Car Rental
Lesson from Sesame
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A Car Rental Lesson from Sesame Street


Does anyone else love Sesame Street?  Yeah, it's kind of embarrassing that I am in my mid-30's and still think that this children's program is fantastic!  The little puppets are so friggin' cute... and nothing's cuter than Grover!  Here, take a look for yourself, watch this Sesame Street video.


But I digress... enough childhood fantasy and time to focus on my point (and yes, I do have a point!).  The Sesame Street sketch says it all - make sure you know the type of vehicle you need before arriving at the rental counter.  And this is easy to do.  Follow these pointers and you will be sure that the next time you arrive at the airport, the most suitable car will be waiting for you:


  • Rent online in advance and be sure to choose the type of vehicle you want.  You can always call the agency a few days prior to arrival to be sure that your selected vehicle will be there waiting for you.
  • How many passengers will be in the car with you?  Make sure that you rent a vehicle with enough space and luggage room if needed.
  • Are you traveling with children?  Will they be in car seats?  If so, make sure that the type of vehicle you reserve has enough space for the number of car seats you will be using.
  • Are you tall?  This is a question I always have to ask for myself.  Being close to 6 feet I need to be sure that I will have enough leg room.  There is nothing worse than being crammed behind the wheel.


Most agencies will try to accomodate you to the best of their ability.  That said, I wouldn't get your hopes up that they are going to piggy-back you across the country!

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