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Independent Car Rental Agencies Have Personality To Spare

PersonalityIndependent car rental agencies (ICRAs) have the personality, skills, and experience to give you a spectacular car rental experience. Major car rental companies just can’t compete with this kind of comprehensive care. We should know. We’ve worked with ICRAs for over twelve years.

Big businesses have a habit of getting lazy. They think that mere exposure - not quality service - will guarantee them clients. ICRAs know that a business that isn’t challenged to grow to its full potential isn’t doing its job. That’s why you’ll get the best competitive prices around with ICRAs, because their clients are smart enough to know that shopping around is more important than taking brand names at face value.

Aren’t you sick of the pretension that comes with big car rental companies? Ever spent an entire day trying to maneuver through convoluted site designs, on hold with customer service, only to be left with a dozen unanswered questions? ICRAs are always trying to make life easier for you. CRX’s streamlined reservation system makes it easy to pick an agency, car and date, so your mind is at ease and you can get back to your life.

Now that you’ve seen that ICRAs are the best choice for your car rental, how do you make sure you get the best individual fit for you? That’s CRX’s job, the one and only company that showcases all the best of the ICRA industry. You can easily research and compare ICRA with CRX’s car rental comparison feature, so that you can be the best educated consumer on the web, and you can rest easy knowing you made the smartest decision about your car rental.

CRX has the best community of car rental companies, readily available to you. ICRAs provide their clients with a personable experience that’s foreign to customers of major car rental companies. Why would you ignore that kind of service?

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