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Is an Hourly Car Rental Right For You?

Hourly Car Rentals Hourly car rental services are one of the fastest growing rental segments in the automotive industry, and for good reason. Car by the hour rental service is a  quick, convenient, and affordable alternative to owning your own vehicle or booking a long term rental. Why take the bus when you can enjoy the afternoon from behind the wheel of a sleek rental? Use the Car Rental Express rental search tool to find agencies offering hourly rentals in your city.

Benefits of Hourly Car Rentals

Car by the hour services have literally changed the way we commute. Instead of purchasing personal vehicles, urban dwellers are now subscribing to car sharing programs in order to cut costs and avoid the hassles of owning a vehicle. More flexible than public transit, short term car rentals make it easier to get from point A to point B, especially when you're running behind schedule.

When Would You Use An Hourly Car Rental?

The following are some common hourly car rental scenarios:

·         You need a second car.
Looking for ways to cut corners and save a little extra cash? If you only need a second vehicle every once and a while, an hourly car rental could make more sense than your secondary vehicle. Frustrated that your spouse or roommate keeps borrowing your car without letting you know? An hourly car rental will ensure that you still make it to work on time.

·         You need a larger car.
Hourly car rentals are available in all sizes, from compacts to pick-up trucks. If you're in need of a large vehicle in order to move furniture or carpool, consider booking an hourly car rental. It's cheaper than a traditional rental, and it beats borrowing your friend's clunky old minivan.

·         You're concerned about the environment.
Studies have shown that each car at an hourly car share replaces a minimum of 15 personally-owned vehicles. That's huge when you consider how much pollution the average car can create in its lifetime.

·         You're frustrated with public transit.
Public transportation has its limits. Even cabs can't always get you to where you need to go quickly and efficiently. With an hourly car rental, you can go wherever you need to go; heck, you can even change your mind half way to your destination! Such is the flexibility of an hourly rental.

·         You're tired of maintaining your own car.
Car share vehicles take care of themselves. All you need you to do is top up the gas tank if you run out. No more worrying about monthly maintenance and cleaning. Simply drop it off for the rental company to handle.

·         You're looking to save money.
If you were to sell your car and rely solely on an hourly car rental, you'd shave nearly $500 off of your monthly expenses. Taxi-takers have reported similar cost savings.

Hourly Car Rentals Vs. Zipcar

When assessing short term car rental options, it's important that you note the difference between hourly car rentals and car share programs, like Zipcar. When you need an hourly car rental quickly, it's best to contact a car rental company that offers an hourly rental service. You'll be able to reserve your rental over the phone or online quickly and easily and with your credit card. If you're planning on overhauling your transportation methods and incorporating regular hourly rentals into your commute, car sharing could be a better option. Car share programs require that you pay an annual membership fee before you can reserve your first rental. Once a member, you'll enjoy unlimited access to the car share's rental fleet for a minimal hourly rate.

Have you ever rented by the hour? Share your experience below! You can also compare hourly rental rates and providers online using our rental comparison search tool.

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