Great Gifts For
Frequent Car Rental
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Great Gifts For Frequent Car Rental Travelers

Road Warrior GiftsFor those people who spend long hours on the road, and who have collected more than a few bumper stickers from their car rental journeys, it's always nice to send them off with a great gift. It can't be any old gift either; it needs to be something that is functional, something that makes their trip easier or more enjoyable, and obviously, something that can easily be carried and used on a variety of car rental excursions.


Here are some great gift ideas for the frequent car rental traveler in your life:


Never get lost again: A GPS is one of the most obvious, and most useful gifts a globetrotting car rental customer can have. Many independent car rental vehicles are fully equipped with GPS systems these days, but it's always nice to have your own. Forget buying road maps at every gas station along the way, and avoid wrong turns which can cost time and headaches. A GPS is the perfect gift for any frequent rental car user.


How Smart is your phone? Want to keep in contact with your loved ones or friends? A SmartPhone is an excellent gift for car rental customers. Not only does it allow them to call you or text you when they stop, but iPhones, Blackberry's, Androids and other SmartPhones are typically equipped with built in GPS systems. As well, these devices may come with app's to help the customer find local restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and more. Just remember to follow local laws related to cell phones and Bluetooth devices while driving.


Gift Certificates: If you're not feeling original, and you want to give something to help the car rental client save more money, perhaps a gift certificate would fit. When selecting a gift certificate, try not to restrict the driver to specific locations or businesses. Think about national chains that they will be able to easily find or that they'll encounter on their drive. From gas stations, to restaurants and coffee shops, most businesses offer gift cards. Another option is a pre-paid credit card. This credit card will serve as instant cash at any location that excepts credit cards; and these days, that covers almost everywhere.


Quick and Easy Entertainment: After long hours on the road, most car rental drivers will need time to unwind. At the end of that day, a good book, a deck of cards, or an MP3 player can go a long way to helping that relaxation. Similarly, devices like an iPad or iPod have tons of built in or easily downloadable games. For someone who is active and enjoys going out for walks or runs when they stop, perhaps a quality water bottle that can be re-used while driving would fit.


Driving accessories: Along the lines of a re-usable water bottle, an insulated coffee mug and thermos are welcomed passengers on most car rental journeys. As well, with long hours of driving ahead, perhaps a quality pair of UV protection sunglasses, driving gloves, and even sunscreen could make the driver's trip seem less stressful.


First Aid to the Rescue: From a Band-Aids to aspirin, a small first aid kit can be invaluable on a long car rental road trip. It will save time, save money, keep you comfortable, and could help someone in need if you come across an accident. As well, many car rental customers like to get out of their vehicles and may encounter bug bites or sun burn. A small, portable first aid kit that can fit in a large purse or backpack is a great car rental gift idea.


Frequent travelers are often concerned with efficiency and comfort, as well as simple ways to relax and refuel at the end of a long day of driving. When considering a gift for the frequent car rental traveler in your life, think about their individual interests, the limited luggage space they will have, and what will make their trip easier, safer, and more enjoyable. With a reliable independent car rental company behind them, the vehicle should be taken care of; now it's your turn to help take care of the driver.


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